6 Unique Gift Boxes Your Dad Will Love

If you’re looking for a little something different this Father's Day, consider a monthly subscription box. It’s truly the gift that keeps on giving.


Monthly Tie Subscription


For the consummate professional, this tie-of-the-month club will jazz up his daily wardrobe routine. If he’s not one to stray from the traditional, you can stick with the safer color and pattern options. Otherwise, choose more whimsical or skinny versions for a daring, fashionable dad.

To buy: $72 for three-month subscription, rootbizzle.com.

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Quarterly Curated Gift Boxes


This service offers a large selection of packages curated by some favorite celebrities, authors, and publications (like Bill Nye, Pharrell Williams, and GQ magazine to name a few). As the name suggests, with a yearlong subscription, a new box will arrive at his doorstep every three months.

To buy: from $200 for a yearlong subscription, quarterly.co.

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Monthly Sriracha Box


The hot sauce of the moment is (still) undeniably Sriracha. Each box is filled with a variety of items that range from food items like spicy popcorn and jerky to Sriracha-themed apparel and stationery.

To buy: $60 for a three-month subscription, srirachabox.com.

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Mantry Three-Month Membership


Perhaps he doesn’t refer to himself as a “foodie,” but he’s always looking for something new to tempt his palate. Enter Mantry. Each box features a theme of artisanal products, as well as recipes for each item. Who wouldn't want to try Alaskan birch syrup or Guinness marshmallows?

To buy: $225 for three boxes, mantry.com.

Photo by mantry.com

Bespoke Post Gift Box and Gift Card


Since Bespoke Post offers different themed boxes, you can give Dad the first box, along with a gift certificate for him to choose the next two he wants to receive. Some gifts he might receive include a grooming kit, style pieces, food items, and drink ingredients.

To buy: $135 for one box plus a gift card for two more, bespokepost.com.

Photo by bespokepost.com

Bourbon Monthly Subscription


If your father’s the kind of guy who likes to wear slippers and a silk robe in front of a roaring fire, get him a gift that suits his Ron Burgundy-inspired unwinding ritual. This box delivers either one full-sized or multiple mini-sized handcrafted bourbons each month to appeal to his sophisticated taste.

To buy: $220 for a three-month subscription, mouth.com.

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