From sports history to science projects, these books will entertain him for hours.

What do you get for the father who has everything? He already has every power tool on the market, season tickets to see his favorite teams, and enough cool techy toys to last him a lifetime. Although he might not fancy himself a big reader, there’s nothing more thoughtful, or personal, than a book picked just for him.

The great thing about giving books as gifts is that even the father who thinks he’s learned it all can still explore a new world, learn more about his favorite hobby, or be entertained by a fun cast of characters.

If your dad loves to eat but can’t cook to save his life, gift him Dude Food, a men’s cookbook full of simple, yet delicious recipes with the extremely amateur chef in mind. If he’s mastered food and is ready to move on to more complex recipes, challenge him to brew his own beer with a step-by-step guide to home brewing.

If you’re looking to show your dad how much you love and appreciate him, how about a book of letter prompts, so you can write him letters about all the wonderful memories you’ve shared together? Any time he misses you, he can flip back and read your letters and feel closer to you, no matter how far you are.

For the dad who loves to watch sports, gift him a book about the lesser-known players in baseball. Although he might be able to rattle off every famous shortstop in history, he’ll be fascinated to learn about great supporting players and how they made it to the Major Leagues.

Flip through Real Simple’s list of the best books to give to your dad to find something special for him this Father’s Day. No matter his interest, from sports history to science projects, these picks will be sure to entertain him for hours.

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