Holiday Gifts

Birthdays and major holidays are the obvious times for gifting, but there are so many occasions throughout the year when a present is the appropriate gesture. But finding something just right for your friend or family member can feel like the hardest shopping task you’ve ever faced—which is why we’ve created so many carefully curated gift guides. Whether you need gift ideas for your mother-in-law (now that’s a hard one), the perfect Christmas present for your temperamental teen, or a fun token to cheer up your wine-loving best friend, you’ll find something that’ll leave your loved one thinking: How did she know that’s what I wanted? But don’t forget the card—every good gift deserves an equally thoughtful card to match. From the sentimental to the silly, the cards our editors have sourced for you are far superior to any last-minute drugstore finds. We’ll let you accept all the credit.

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