Editor Approved Affordable Valentine's Day Ideas

We Asked 21 Shopping Experts What They Want for Valentine's Day

Everything is under $75.
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This Valentine's Day, you're going to shop and gift with more confidence than ever. Why? Because we've put together an impressive list of ideas from people who quite literally make wishlists for a living.

We asked 21 shopping reporters and editors (i.e., they spend their days finding, testing, and reporting on the best products out there) to share their favorite finds and reveal what they would love to receive this Valentine's Day. We compiled their submissions, and the list of presents is eclectic, surprising, and fun. But best of all is that everything is available on Amazon for $75 or less.

Whether you're looking for the perfect gift for a foodie, the most stylish person you know, or someone who could benefit from a little self-care, these treats are sure to be well received. Simply pair them with a thoughtful card, and you've got the makings of an impressive present that's sure to be a hit. Read on for 21 handpicked Valentine's Day gift ideas that you can get on Amazon right now.  

Editor-Loved Valentine's Day Gifts: 

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AND PALACE Ceramic Flower Vases Valentines Day Love Letter
Credit: amazon.com

And Palace Ceramic Love Vase Set

$40, amazon.com

"Flowers are my love language, making this unique vase set something I would reach for all the time. I love that this array feels festive for the holiday, but that it's also worthy of displaying on a bookshelf or tabletop year-round. I'll likely treat myself to these beauties and some fresh blooms." –Jessica Leigh Mattern, Senior Amazon Ecommerce Editor

editor loved affordable valentines day gifts amazon
Credit: amazon.com

Royal Craft Wood Bathtub Caddy

$50; amazon.com.

"As part of my new self-care routine, I've been spending a lot more time in the tub, and this wooden bath tray has completely upped my bath game. Not only does it look chic on my tub, but it's also super practical. It's designed with a spill-proof wine glass holder, a book or tablet stand, and a slot large enough to fit my favorite candle. It's one of the best gifts I've ever received!"

–Alex Warner, Entertainment Ecommerce Lead

MyGift Modern Copper Stemless Wine Glasses
Credit: amazon.com

MyGift Modern Copper Stemless Wine Glasses Set

$30 (was $33), amazon.com

"I enjoy trying new red wines and having a nice glass occasionally with dinner. While my simple wine glasses get the job done, sometimes drinking from a stylish cup is just a bit more fun, and these stemless copper ones are really the apple of my eye right now. Honestly, who needs Valentine's Day chocolates when you have these gorgeous glasses to drink from?"

–Sanah Faroke, Amazon Ecommerce Writer

Soho Floral Arts
Credit: amazon.com

Soho Floral Arts Signature Box Preserved Roses

$75, amazon.com

"I love fresh flowers, but I can't seem to make them last very long. Recently, I've been fascinated by companies offering preserved bouquets that stay fresh all year long—like this one from Soho Floral Arts. You can choose different sizes and colors, and there's no maintenance required."

–Madison Yauger, Performance Content Writer

Dearfoams Women's Fireside Water Resistant Sydney Shearling Scuff Slipper
Credit: amazon.com

Dearfoams Women's Fireside Shearling Scuff Slipper

$49 (was $75), amazon.com

"During the winter, there's nothing I love more than sliding my feet into a pair of warm slippers. And since my current ones have seen better days, I've been eyeing the Dearfoams Fireside Shearling Scuff Slippers. They come in 10 suede colors, and they're completely lined with 'incredibly soft' shearling, as one shopper put it."

–Eden Lichterman, Amazon Ecommerce Writer

Alocasia Polly (Alocasia amazonica)
Credit: amazon.com

Rooted Alocasia Polly Potted Plant

$19, amazon.com

"Plants are the key to my heart, so anyone looking to get closer to me should send over a live houseplant immediately. I love this Alocasia Polly because it has so much personality, and Rooted is a fantastic and reliable brand. Since it's delivered in a grow pot, I'd likely pair it with this simple planter to complete the look."

–Erin Johnson, Senior Product Reviews Writer

de Buyer Nonstick Carbon Steel Frying Pan
Credit: amazon.com

De Buyer Nonstick Crepe Pan

$22 (was $25), amazon.com

I'm obsessed with making crepes at home, but the skillet I've been using doesn't give me that same char you often find from professional kitchens. With a carbon steel skillet (particularly this De Buyer option), I'll be able to attain those crisp edges, while maintaining a soft center, that's the perfect vessel for mountains of creme fraiche and cinnamon-topped strawberries. Plus it's small enough to find a home in my already-filled kitchen cabinets.

–Amy Schulman, Amazon Ecommerce Writer

editor loved affordable valentines day gifts amazon
Credit: amazon.com

Vitruvi Organic French Lavender Essential Oil

$18, amazon.com

"I love my Vitruvi diffuser so much, I'm running low on some of my favorite scents. What better time to stock up on lavender essential oils than Valentine's Day? The scent helps me relax, unwind, and show myself a little self-love."

–Christie Calucchia, Lifestyle Ecommerce Lead

ZAFUL Women's Fuzzy Lounge Casual Pajamas Sets
Credit: amazon.com

Zaful Women's Loungewear Set

$38 (was $40), amazon.com

"Whether I'm working from home or relaxing on the weekends, I like to wear the coziest clothing possible. This Valentine's Day, I'm treating myself to a new loungewear set that makes me feel equally cute and comfy, and this crewneck and jogger combination is what cozy girl dreams are made of. It's like a wearable fuzzy sock. Sold!"

–Bridget Degnan, Ecommerce Writer

BrüMate HOPSULATOR TRíO 3-in-1 Stainless Steel Insulated Can Cooler
Credit: amazon.com

BrüMate Hopsulator Three-in-One Stainless Steel Insulated Can Cooler

$30, amazon.com

"One of the most useful gifts I've ever found is Brumate's Hopsulator Trio, a wildly versatile can cooler. It's as good for your coffee as it is for your favorite canned beverages. The Hopsulator fits in standard cup holders so you can tote it wherever you need. I would own a full collection if I could, and the brand also has a slim can version if seltzers are more your speed."

–Megan Soll, Ecommerce Editor

Weighted Idea Cooling Blanket
Credit: amazon.com

Weighted Idea Cooling Weighted Blanket

$40 with coupon (was $90), amazon.com

"As someone who has trouble falling (and staying) asleep, I'd put 'a good night's sleep' at the top of every wishlist if I could. While I have a blackout curtain and comfy bedding, I've been wanting to wrap up in a weighted blanket, and more than 16,000 shoppers swear by this cooling one that provides extra support, without feeling overly hot."

–Isabel Garcia, Ecommerce Deals Writer

editor loved affordable valentines day gifts amazon
Credit: amazon.com

Reese's Valentine's Day Gift Set

$25, amazon.com

"I love this 30-pack variety of Reese's chocolate because I have the biggest sweet tooth. When I last purchased these, I put them in my freezer and enjoyed one (actually, many more) with a glass of wine and a rom-com. It was the perfect self-care treat."

–Leah Channas, Content Strategy Manager

Naturally Med Olive Wood Cutting Board/Cheese Board
Credit: amazon.com

Naturally Med Olive Wood Cheese Board

$46, amazon.com

"I love making charcuterie boards when we have friends over and on the weekends for snacking. This olivewood board is beautiful and unique since it's handcrafted from an actual piece of wood, so no two are the same. This would be the perfect gift to receive on a Valentine's Day spent at home. I'd use it immediately."

–Ariel Scotti, Ecommerce Partnerships Writer

editor loved affordable valentines day gifts amazon
Credit: amazon.com

Sweetened Loose Leaf Tea Drops Sampler

$15, amazon.com

"Tea Drops is one of my favorite woman-owned shops. I've been hoping for a tea sampler to expand my collection and this is the perfect gift option with eight different brews (including a Rose Earl Grey I've had my eye on for a while)."

–Marilyn La Jeunesse, Shopping Newsletter Manager

editor loved affordable valentines day gifts amazon
Credit: amazon.com

L'Occitane Almond Supple Skin Body Oil

$50; amazon.com.

"All I ever want for Valentine's Day (other than flowers, of course) is something from L'Occitane's almond collection. It's one of my favorite scents ever. I find it delicate, warm, and 'sultry,' as one Amazon shopper put it. Everything from the collection is super nourishing, and this body oil, in particular, leaves skin so soft and smooth. Plus, it comes in a nice glass bottle, so it looks great wherever you keep it."

–Christina Butan, Amazon Ecommerce Writer and Strategist

OXO Steel Single Wall Cocktail Shaker
Credit: amazon.com

OXO Steel Single Wall Cocktail Shaker

$21, amazon.com

"I love making cocktails at home, but my current cocktail shaker leaks and spills all over my counters, making it a drag to shake up a martini. This single-wall stainless steel option keeps drinks cold as you shake it. It has a leak-proof silicone seal and a cap that doubles as a jigger, so I can whip up Galentine's Day cosmopolitans or espresso martinis with ease."

–Lily Gray, Home Ecommerce Writer

editor loved affordable valentines day gifts amazon
Credit: amazon.com

Man Crates Jerky Heart Gift Set

$40; amazon.com.

"Unpopular opinion here: Receiving boxed chocolate is stressful. The sentiment is so kind, but not knowing what flavor you're about to bite into is a chaotic act I would like no place in (even if they have keys, it's hard to tell which is which). However, getting a box of something on Valentine's Day is and always will be special. So this year, my eye is on a heart-shaped box that comes with clearly labeled specialty meats. It's a funny twist on the classic Valentine's Day gift that would make a great surprise for charcuterie and meat lovers alike."

–Summer Cartwright, Ecommerce Writer 

editor loved affordable valentines day gifts amazon
Credit: amazon.com

Auselily Women's Long Sleeve Maxi Dress

$37 (was $42), amazon.com

"If I had a dollar for every compliment I received while wearing this long-sleeve dress, I'd have enough money to buy it in every style. I have the wine red color, and it's just as gorgeous in person as it is on site. The fit is equal parts comfy and flattering, and the pockets are actually functional (a rarity in women's fashion). I love wearing this dress for casual fall days or elevating it with statement jewelry around the holidays."

–Anna Knief, Ecommerce Managing Editor

Riedel Performance Champagne Glass, Set of 2
Credit: amazon.com

Riedel Performance Champagne Glasses

$67, amazon.com

"I love when a special occasion calls for drinking out of fancy glassware, and Valentine's (or Galentine's) Day is the perfect opportunity to put some of my favorite champagne glasses to good use. Even when I'm sipping champagne in my pajamas, this two-piece set from Riedel makes me feel like I'm dining out at my favorite wine bar."

–Laura Denby, Product Reviews Writer

editor loved affordable valentines day gifts amazon
Credit: amazon.com

Gund Snuffles Teddy Bear

$20, amazon.com

"I might be a grown-up, but I still squeal with joy when I'm given an adorable stuffed animal. And according to Amazon shoppers, Gund's Snuffles Teddy Bear is 'the softest bear in all the land,' so it has definitely earned the top spot in gifts I'm hoping to get this year."

–Nina Huang, Lifestyle Writer

editor loved affordable valentines day gifts amazon
Credit: amazon.com

Rembrandt Charms Corkscrew Necklace and Bracelet Charm

$50; amazon.com.

"As a wine lover who's missing my trips to California wine regions, adding this charm to a nice chain will give me a cute, unique accessory that I can keep with me when I'd rather be drinking a nice, floral muscat."

–Michelle Barnes, Ecommerce Producer