6 Gifts for the Person Who’s Always Cold

These cozy and practical finds will stop their shivering in no time.

We all have that one friend—the one who always seems to be freezing no matter what. Rather than let them shiver throughout the chillier months of the year, gift them something that will keep them nice and warm this holiday season. Unsure of what to get beyond a basic blanket? We’ve put together a list of thoughtful and clever items that are sure to keep your friend toasty all winter long. From simple upgrades like a heated blanket or duvet slippers, to unexpected gadgets like a heated lotion dispenser, this collection of cozy items has something to make the coldest of the cold feel much more pleasant.


Heated Throw Blanket

Photo by amazon.com

Take cozy to a whole new level with this heated blanket. With soft fur on one side and thick fleece on the other—plus three different heat settings—your shivery pal will be able to stay toasty all night long. Also available in honey and olive.

To buy: $40; amazon.com.


Duvet Booties

Photo by amazon.com

Know someone with (literal) cold feet? Enter these duvet booties, which trap body heat to keep tootsies cozy and warm. Comes in seven colors.

To buy: $25; amazon.com.


Oversized Plaid Scarf

Photo by jcrew.com

Help your chilly friend stay cozy on the go with this oversized scarf. It’s a portable blanket that they can use to cuddle up with no matter where they are. Plus, it’s super stylish.

To buy: $59.50; jcrew.com.


Heat-Storing Leather Gloves

Photo by hammacher.com

For a more luxe present, try these sleek heat-storing leather gloves. Using technology developed for NASA astronauts, the leather gloves stores heat in the lining and then release it back when your fingers need it the most. How cool—er, warm—is that? Comes in brown or black.

To buy: $80; hammacher.com.


Heated Lotion Dispenser

Photo by amazon.com

Nobody likes putting cold lotion on during the winter months—especially not someone who is always freezing. Gift them this heated lotion dispenser, which will warm up their lotion so it feels like a luxury, not a punishment, to put it on. Added bonus: the heated lotion will penetrate skin deeply and quickly moisturize it.

To buy: $24; amazon.com.


Warm Heart Thermal Mug

Photo by katespade.com

Give someone who is always cold a way to keep warm (and a laugh) with this adorable portable coffee mug. The words say it all, and the hot beverage it holds will warm up your friend in no time.

To buy: $10; katespade.com.