Each one of these picks will inspire, motivate and problem-solve for grads entering The Real World.

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It can be a serious struggle to pick out a gift for a college grad. Do they need supplies for a new apartment? A new work wardrobe? Just plain old money? Although the graduate is probably excited that they’re done with homework for now, the best gift they can receive is some non-required reading. While they’re surely receiving tons of post-grad advice from parents, older siblings, and just about everyone else they talk to, they’re probably more likely to listen to that advice if it’s bound and available on their bookshelf for reference any time they need it.

For the grad that’s still looking for their first job, how about Welcome to the Real World, an accessible guide to rocking your first job, no matter what industry you’re in. For the grad who is more worried about dealing with their first apartment than their first job, gift them What Do I Do If….?, a guide to everything from overcoming hangovers, to getting rid of bed bugs, and all of the panic-inducing situations in between.

For the grad who’s having trouble finding his or her way, give them Postgrad: Five Women and Their First Year Out of College, to show them that even Ivy League graduates experience challenges in their careers. And for the graduate who just needs a little encouragement, give them Whatever You Are, Be a Good One, a collection of inspirational quotes to get them through the not-so-good times.

Each one of these picks will inspire, motivate, and help grads entering the real world.

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