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34 Awesome Gifts for the Fitness Lover in Your Life
Whether their workout of choice is a hardcore bootcamp class, a brisk walk in the park, or a morning meditation session, we've put together the perfect gift guide for every type of fitness lover. And since life is all about balance, we've highlighted everything your fitness fanatic friends might need: the best leggings to withstand the sweatiest workouts, the coolest recovery gadgets to relieve soreness, the best non-skin-clogging beauty products, and yes, even super-healthy chocolates, too. Here's how to holiday shop for your most active loved ones. RELATED: 8 Smart Workout Gadgets That Will Keep You Accountable
25 Personalized Gifts They Can Truly Call Their Own
This season, give the people on your list presents that have their names written all over them. (Literally.)
23 Splendid Gifts for the Wine Enthusiast in Your Life
When it comes to gifts for wine-lovers, vino what we're talking about.