These top tech gifts make cool birthday buys and exciting Christmas presents.

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Shopping for a gadget-obsessed friend or family member? Tech gifts are undoubtedly some of the most sought-after gifts out there—and the latest and greatest cool gadgets often come with a hefty price tag. Whether you're looking for a splurge-worthy gift for the tech lover in your life, or one that's a bit easier on the budget, you'll find something for everyone on our curated list.

Bonus: Some of these tech gifts are even small enough to fit in a Christmas stocking, if you're looking for great stocking stuffers.

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Twinkly Flex Lights

1 Twinkly Flex Shapeable Light Tube


The perfect gift for your tech-loving tween or teen is this flexible, neon-like light tube, which can be bent into whatever shapes they'd like. With the Twinkly app, they can easily change color schemes from the 6 million options offered—and they can even have it change shades in time with their favorite tunes. 

(P.S. The brand's twinkle-light strands will make it easy to switch up your holiday lights as the seasons change, too.)

Levitating Bonsai Plant Pot

2 Levitating Air Bonsai Pot


This cool tech gift gives new meaning to the phrase "air plant." You can elevate your favorite succulent or plant—or use the included artificial plant instead.

Narwal Floor Cleaner

3 Narwal Robot Vacuum and Mop


This splurge-worthy all-in-one unit can keep your floors sparkling. First, run it in vacuum mode to silently pick up the crumbs and pet hair, then switch to the microfiber mop heads for a thorough clean. The machine even detects when the mop pads are dirty and will head back to the base to clean—so it's not tracking kitchen grime all over the house. 

Schlage Smart Lock

4 Schlage Smart Lock


No more hunting for keys (or worrying that your kids will get locked out)—this smart lock lets you set up passcodes for your loved ones, and control your lock via WiFi to let someone in in a pinch.

You can even set it up with short-term passcodes or passcodes that work only during certain time periods each week, so a cat sitter can get in just while you're away.

Apple AirTags Gift for Women

5 Apple Airtags

$100 for four,

These sleek little disks are the answer for your loved one who's always losing their keys, their wallet, the remote—or even their pet or kids. They set up in a snap with iPhones, and let you use Apple's Find My app to track down the target. The tag will play a sound if you want, or just show you that your kid's backpack is at his friend's house. 

Bose Alto Frames

6 Bose Bluetooth Audio Sunglasses


This cool tech gift is the easiest way for your beach fan to bring their tunes to the shore. The Bose quality Bluetooth speakers are embedded into the frames, letting them take calls and listen to music—and protect their eyes, too. 

Polaroid Now Camera

7 Polaroid Now+ i-Type Instant Camera


For the old-tech fan, this brand-new take on the iconic instant camera will let them get creative with their images. It comes with a rainbow of lens filters, and an app that lets your favorite photographer play tricks with their output, including double exposures, light painting, and running it from across the room—so they can be in the shot, too.

Wristcam for Apple Watch

8 Wristcam


This sleek add-on to an Apple Watch lets you take pics or video easily from your wrist—no phone required. It's water resistant and can take images up to 8 megapixels. 

Amazon Luna Controller

9 Amazon Luna Controller


Amazon's new cloud-based gaming service lets you do away with the consoles and game buying, with an all-in-one subscription price (starting at $3/month for kids' games) to play a whole catalog of games on PCs, Fire TVs, tablets, and phones. Spring for the Luna controller—or use your existing controllers from a Playstation 4, XBox One, or even just a mouse and keyboard. 


10 PhoneSoap UV-C Sanitizer


Let's face it, that smartphone is definitely a high-touch object. The PhoneSoap uses UV-C rays to safely clean tech of germs, while it charges them, too. 

Wonderboom Bluetooth speaker
Credit: Best Buy

11 Wonderboom 2 Portable Speaker


This highly rated Bluetooth speaker brings plenty of bass for such a small speaker. It's rugged enough to take just about anywhere (including the shower or the shore—it's waterproof and it floats!).  

Full Color LED Bulbs

12 GE Full Color Smart LED Bulb


Light bulbs may feel like a meh tech gift. But as any smart home fanatic can tell you, customizable LED bulbs are a real game changer. And these bulbs don't need an additional hub to work—as you can connect them through the app.

These smart bulbs can be fine tuned through millions of colors, can be programmed to automatically adjust from cool to warm light as the day progresses, and can be controlled remotely via the app or an Alexa or Google Assistant—so no one comes home to a dark house. 

GoPro 9 Camera

13 GoPro Hero 9


This tiny-yet-tough-as-nails camera is made to withstand the elements—water, snow, and mud (it can probably handle toddlers, too)—so tech lovers can shoot any adventure and share it with friends and family. The 23.6MP sensor enables you to capture everything in high definition, from 20 megapixel photos to 5K resolution video. 

The camera comes with a built-in mount and can be customized with a slew of accessories to enable the GoPro to go anywhere, from underwater to on a skateboard. 

Amazon Echo

14 Amazon Echo


The classic voice assistant got a fun new shape, a more eco-friendly profile, and the same uncanny ability to help run your smart home; stay up to date on news, weather, and your commute; play games, tell jokes, and control your playlists; and even (of course) place orders via Amazon. 

FitBit 5

15 Fitbit Charge 5 Fitness Tracker


The latest fitness tracker from Fitbit includes a Daily Readiness score (based on your sleep, activity, and heart rate) to help you decide what level of activity is best for you on any given day. 

The Premium membership (included for six months with the tracker), includes access to guided workouts and mindfulness routines to help encourage you to stay fit and reduce stress. 

Urbanista Stockholm Plus True Wireless Earbuds

16 Urbanista Stockholm Plus Earbuds


If you're looking for a more affordable alternative to Airpods, look no further than these Bluetooth wireless earphones. Don't let the low price point fool you—reviewers rave about the amazing audio clarity and lighter-than-air design that ensures a perfect fit.

Best Tech Gifts – TOZO W1 Wireless Charger

17 TOZO W1 Wireless Charger


Nothing takes a space from streamlined to cluttered faster than a jumble of wires. Plus, an unruly nest of cords can make it extremely difficult to grab your charger and take it on the go. Add style points to desks with this perfect gift for tech lovers: a compact charging pad that ups your battery life in a futuristic way.

Gifts for Teenagers: Nintendo Switch Lite
Credit: Ted + Chelsea Cavanaugh

18 Nintendo Switch Lite


Perfect for gaming on the go, this handheld system is compact and compatible with over 2,000 games. Our favorites include Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Pokémon Sword and Shield, and Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Best Tech Gifts for Birthdays and Christmas: eero router
Credit: Eero

19 Eero


This clever take on the router knows that in this era, the best gift possible is speedy, reliable WiFi. Eero's advanced system covers every spot of your home (backyard included) in a Wi-Fi "mesh," with a simple plug-and-play installation. Instead of calling their Internet provider if something goes wrong, your friends can troubleshoot this tech gift via a user-friendly app—or get support from Eero's team in an average of 60 seconds.

Best Tech Gifts – Logitech Gaming Keyboard

20 Logitech G915 TKL White Tactile Tenkeyless Lightspeed Wireless RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard


Shopping for a gaming set is usually a choice between black, black, or black. Logitech is looking to color up the space by expanding its palette to brighter hues. Part of the Color Collection, this colorful keyboard features a rainbow LED backlight with an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy base. You can personalize each key or create custom animations from millions of colors with Logitech's G-HUB software.

Best Tech Gifts – Dragon Touch Digital Picture Frame

21 Dragon Touch Digital Picture Frame


This sleek digital frame instantly receives photos and videos via WiFi, so anyone in the family can send photos directly to grandma's living room.

Best Tech Gifts – Foreo Bear Toning Device

22 Foreo Bear Facial Toning Device


The love child of anti-aging and high-tech, this device uses electrifying microcurrents (don't worry, it doesn't hurt) to exercise the 65+ muscles in your face and neck. When glided over your skin, the spheres work to build collagen, repair elastin, and tighten pores for a glowier complexion.

Cool Birthday Gifts and Christmas Gifts for Tech Lovers: Heng Balance Magnetic Lamp

23 Heng Balance Magnetic Lamp


This award-winning LED lamp serves its purpose as an illuminator, but it also works as an interesting decor piece and conversation starter. Tech lovers will geek out over the futuristic way the lamp turns on when two magnetic balls float toward each other.

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700

24 Bose Noise Canceling Headphones 700


Take a call, queue up a podcast, or tune out with a playlist with the help of these noise-blocking headphones. Available in silver or black, each lightweight, voice-assisted set is optimized for Google Assistant and can block out up to 11 levels of noise.

Casper The Glow Light

25 Casper The Glow Light


Tired techies will obsess over this bedside glow light. Designed with quality sleep in mind, each self-dimming light tapers out over time, allowing for a better, deeper snooze.

Electronic Word Clock

26 Electronic Word Clock


Tell time in an entirely new way with this sleek electronic word clock. Available in black or copper, the compact clock boasts LED display lights that alert you to the time in five-minute intervals.

BentoStack Tech Travel Case

27 BentoStack Tech Travel Case


Modeled after a Japanese bento box, this sleek, stackable organizer fits all of your tech necessities. Stash cords, chargers, and USB ports in this compact container while traveling, or keep the box on your desk for a more streamlined space.

Best Tech Gifts for Christmas and Birthdays: rabbit charger
Credit: Amazon

28 Rabbit Charger


Charge gadgets more efficiently with this ultimate charging system. A retractable cable, LED ambient light, and swappable charging tips make phone-charging that much easier. The device is also able to power up multiple gadgets at once, making it a much-needed gift for tech lovers.

MIRROR Interactive Home Gym

29 MIRROR Interactive Home Gym


Know a tech lover with an intense gym regimen? This interactive home gym is a game-changer for tech fiends and fitness buffs thanks to its archive of on-demand studio classes that help you break a sweat at home.

Best Tech Gifts: DIY Viewmaster

30 DIY Viewmaster


Bring back a childhood favorite for your tech lover with this personalized reel viewer. Your giftee will receive a code to redeem for a seven-photo reel.