Baby Shower Gift Ideas

A baby shower is one of the happiest occasions—for both the parents-to-be and the guests. There’s plenty of chatter about the new baby and lots of oohs and ahhs over the most adorable little outfits and all the latest, greatest baby gear. But finding just the right thing can be tricky—especially if they haven’t registered or if the registry has already been picked over. Luckily, our editors have come to your rescue with plenty of great ideas. Here you’ll find a list of our editors’ go-to baby shower gift ideas, from timeless accessories like blankets and bonnets to special deliveries like spa packages and home-cooked meals. Really have your heart set on something practical? We’ve also rounded up a list of things every new parent should put on their baby registry, so you can make an informed choice. Or, try something different and treat the parents to a gift instead (yes, they’ll need some TLC too).

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