After spending 40 days in solemn reflection, Easter Sunday is a day to rejoice. Indulge your friends, family, and fellow parishioners with these hilarious Easter memes.

By Liz Steelman
March 19, 2018
Paul Park/Getty Images

This year, Easter falls on April Fools’ Day, meaning that the joyful holiday gets a kick of fun, too. Whether you decide to make Emoji Easter eggs to keep the morning light, stuff your kids’ Easter baskets with silly prank gifts, or play Easter games that are sure to send the whole family into giggle fits, there are many ways to celebrate the sunny Sunday in good spirits. Another great (free and low-effort!) way to make the day merry? Sending your friends and family entertaining Easter memes. From hilarious nods to the Easter feast to the feeling every parent has after setting up the egg hunt, each meme is oh so shareable. Here, five funny Easter memes sure to brighten your day.

Funny Easter Meme: When you forget where you hid all the Easter eggs

Funny Easter Memes, Andy

Funny Easter Meme: The most important part of Easter dinner

Funny Easter Memes, Ham

Funny Easter Meme: When the Easter basket crinkle paper is EVERYWHERE

Funny Easter Memes, Conan

Funny Easter Meme: TFW you realize Lent is over

Funny Easter Memes, Full House

Funny Easter Meme: Live footage of the grocery store on the Saturday before Easter

Funny Easter Memes, Supermarket Sweep

Of course, if you are looking for a more thoughtful way to commemorate the day, take a look at these six Easter quotes to celebrate the season.