Celebrate the Season With These Social Distancing–Friendly Spring Activities

Even if you're stuck indoors, you can still enjoy these rites of spring.

You may have to take a rain check on some of your favorite social springtime activities—going to a ball game, berry picking at a local farm, Easter egg hunts. But that doesn't mean you can't find plenty of fun spring things to do at home. Cross these off your bucket list before the first day of summer arrives.

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Check out the cherry blossoms and spring blooms

Cherry blossom festivals have been canceled or curtailed significantly due to the coronavirus outbreak, but that doesn't mean that you can't enjoy the beauty of the season. You can check out cherry blossom live cams around the country, including the legendary cherry blossoms along the National Mall in Washington, DC. Google Earth has 3D virtual tours of the best cherry blossom spots in the world, including stopovers in Japan, South Korea, London, and Vancouver. Or follow the hashtag #ourgardensyourhome on social media to see video and photo tours of the lush botanic gardens around the world from the comfort of home.

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Plant an herb garden

Herb gardens tend to be one of the easier things for gardening novices to accomplish—and can be sized to your space, whether you want to create an indoor herb garden in a few pots or have room to dedicate a significant plot of land to it outdoors. The scent of lavender can help you reduce stress, and herbs like rosemary, mint, and basil make great additions to your spring dishes or drinks.

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Try the perfect spring cocktail

Raise a glass of the perfect cocktails to toast to the new season. Look for something with a touch of berries, like these passion fruit cocktails. (You can also toss berries in seltzer for a festive non-alcoholic drink.)

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Check out baby animal live cams

Get your daily dose of cuteness at one of the dozens of cameras on Explore.org, whether you want to check up on baby eagles in their nest, or watch kittens and puppies frolic. Baby goats are available on the Goat Milk Stuff live cams.

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Make pinwheels

If the parks are closed near you, you might not have enough space available to fly a kite—but pretty pinwheels are an easy, kid-friendly spring craft that can also take advantage of a windy day. (And hey, you can make fruit-filled dessert pinwheels as well.)

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Plan a seasonal feast

Berries, asparagus, leeks, rhubarb, peas, and ramps are among the first spring produce to arrive on store shelves—so go ahead and work them into a spring-friendly menu.

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Savor a little Easter candy

Go ahead and raid your kiddo's Easter basket—we have the perfect wine pairings for Cadbury creme eggs, chocolate bunnies, jelly beans, and other treats of the season. Marshmallow Peeps are ubiquitous this time of year—and they're perfect for making gooey s'mores or even a s'mores dip.

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Look for rainbows—or make your own

Grab your rain gear and head outside for a walk in the rain for a rainbow hunt. And keep your eyes on the windows and sidewalks in your neighborhood. Many families have started decorating with rainbows to bring a little hope and joy.

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Take up bird watching

The birds are likely back in your neighborhood, so spend a little time at the window—or on a walk outside—seeing who you can spot. If you don't have birdseed, you can feed the birds with sunflower seeds, oats, fruit like pears and apples, or even Cheerios.

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Freshen up your home

Spring cleaning is probably one of the best things to do while you're stuck at home. But you can also find other ways to give your home an update. Have fresh spring flowers delivered, change up your decorating scheme, or do a little online shopping and swap out your throw pillows or other accessories to give your space a lighter look for the season.

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Rock your spring break

Your spring break vacation plans may have changed, but you can still have a lot of fun with your family on a spring break vacation at home.

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Take a scenic drive

Tired of staring at your same four walls? Take a short drive out to check out the local scenery from the safety of your car.

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Find the perfect spring read

Curl up with a good book that's perfectly suited to the season. We have our own book club recommendations to get you started.

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