Google Just Shared Each State's Most Uniquely Searched Super Bowl Dip—Did Your Favorite Make the Cut?

Get ready for some dip-spiration!

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Super Bowl LVI is just days away, so it's no surprise that people across the country are already planning their game day menus. One food that most Americans will nosh on while they watch the Los Angeles Rams play the Cincinnati Bengals is dip. Frequently paired with a variety of chips, crackers, or vegetables, dip is the perfect Super Bowl Sunday snack, especially if you're planning on having a few people over to watch the game.

If you're looking for some Super Bowl recipe inspiration, Google is here to help! The search giant recently released a map of uniquely searched dip recipes (related to the big game) over the past week to see what people are searching for around the country. Not surprisingly, the results really spread across the spectrum of taste.

Google divided the dips into five categories—meat, veggie, seafood, cheese, and other—and it's clear that Americans go gaga over meat-based dips like chili cheese dip and Buffalo chicken dip—the most uniquely searched appetizer in a whopping 18 states, the most of any other dip. Other popular options include queso and taco dip, which took top honors in three states each.

Interestingly, the only seafood-based dip to earn a spot on the map was crab rangoon dip, which took top honors in Connecticut, a state with an impressive coastline. Hoagie dip, a dip based on the popular sandwich, was another option that only came in No. 1 in a single state—Vermont.

A Google map of the most uniquely searched Super Bowl dips in each state

The Most Uniquely Searched Super Bowl Dips

Need some inspiration for your own game day snacks? Scroll down to see some of our favorite dip recipes inspired by the recently released Google data!

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Bean dip

Spinach and White Bean Dip
Tom Schierlitz

This dip was the most uniquely searched dip in Arkansas and Georgia. This version is made with spinach, cannellini beans, and fresh dill, and is best served on crostini.

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Artichoke dip

Artichoke Dip Recipe
Caitlin Bensel

For residents of Louisiana, it's all about artichoke dip. This version, which takes about 15 minutes to make, combines Greek yogurt, marinated artichoke hearts, and lemon zest to create a flavorful companion for pita bread, crackers, or fresh vegetables.

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Cheesy chile dip

Cheesy Chile Dip
Victor Protasio

If you love spicy foods, we suggest you go ahead and give this bold dip a try. Why? It's a cheesy mélange of sweet and sour peppers that's hard to resist. What we love about this dip is that you can customize it by using peppers and cheeses of your choice. Residents of Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, and Utah, where similar dips came in first place, will most certainly approve.

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Green dip

Though this recipe for glorious green dip is a hit with classic dippers, this would be a no-brainer drizzled over roasted or grilled chicken, fish, or layered into a roasted vegetable sandwich. 
Victor Protasio

If you're on a quest for something a tad lighter, channel your inner Missourian and whip up a green dip. This take gets its hue from baby spinach, and is also made with cannellini beans, charred scallions, and fresh lemon juice.

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Corn dip

Creamy Corn Dip
Cream-style corn, cream cheese, and pepper Jack combine to form a sweet and tangy dip that puts queso to shame. Keep the ingredients on hand over the holidays—you’ll be thankful to have this quick and addictive recipe to turn to. It’s ready to serve in less than 15 minutes, so even your hungriest house guests will be satisfied. Get the recipe: Creamy Corn Dip. Grace Elkus

South Carolinians love corn dip, and after you try this version we bet you will too. Here, canned corn is combined with shredded cheese, mayonnaise, and diced pimientos, creating the perfect vehicle for just about anything from tortilla chips to carrot sticks.

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