Warning: They may never want to leave!

By Real Simple
Updated April 27, 2018
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The next time a friend from out of town calls to say they’d like to swing by, you’ll be ready. Stash a water carafe in an easy-to-reach kitchen cabinet so you can offer guests a drink soon after they walk in the door. Stock up on clean towels and buy a set of spare toothbrushes for guests who forgot to pack their own, to make overnight guests feel like they’re staying in a luxury hotel (even if they didn’t make a reservation). Keep these supplies on hand at all times—especially during the holiday season and summer months—so surprise visits from friends and family will be more pleasant, and less panic-inducing.

In the Entryway

Store a glass water carafe, cups, and a vase or pitcher in a kitchen cabinet. This way, you’ll also be ready to offer friends or family a drink when they walk in the door. Whether they’ve been traveling for days or just running errands around town, they’ll appreciate being greeted with a cool glass of water. When you get the call that an old friend is stopping by, fill the vase with fresh greenery, either cut from your backyard or bought from the grocery store down the street.

In the Bathroom

To give unexpected guests the five-star treatment, keep a stock of clean towels in your linen closet and buy a set of guest toothbrushes. When a family member asks to stay the night, leave out a couple towels, a toothbrush, and extra toiletries on a stool in the bathroom. Some guests may feel shy to ask about showering or borrowing toothpaste, but when the essentials are set out for them, they’ll feel right at home. Finally, save guests from potential embarrassment by leaving a stash of extra toilet paper where it’s easy to find.

In the Bedroom

Leave out extra pillows (with clean covers) and a blanket. This way, guests can decide to pile up the pillows or cuddle under the covers without having to ask for anything. Add a small plant that will cheer up the room and make your guest feel welcome.

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