These disposable plates and cups will make your spring and summer get-togethers much more stylish.

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated February 26, 2018
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Target Oh Joy Party supplies
Credit: Target / Lily Glass Photography

If you're planning any parties this spring or summer, you're in luck—Joy Cho of Oh Joy! just released her new disposable party supply line in collaboration with Cheeky for Target, and the prints could not be cuter. There are pastel-splattered plates ideal for serving Easter dessert and flower-adorned disposable cups for holding drinks at graduation parties. Plus, little lidded cups can be used for divvying up desserts or taking snacks on the go.

And the best part? For each item purchased (priced at just $3.50), Cheeky has teamed up with Feeding America and No Kid Hungry to provide a meal to someone in need in the U.S. Since launching in November 2014, Cheeky has already provided 15 million meals. Want to be a part of it? Shop our favorite picks from the Oh Joy! line, below, then check out the full collection.

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Oh Joy for Target lidded cups
Credit: Target

1 Cheeky Lidded Disposable Cups

Fill these lidded cups with individual servings of pudding, trail mix, or popcorn to pass out at the party. Or provide a cup for each guest to take their dessert on the road when they're ready to head home.

To buy: $3.50 for 20;

Oh Joy Pastel patterned plates
Credit: Target

2 Cheeky Splattered Disposable Plates

These pastel plates were made for Easter. The colorful speckles are reminiscent of dyed eggs, making them the perfect backdrop for Easter dessert. Bring on the meringue nests! 

To buy: $3.50 for 40;

Oh Joy Striped Plates
Credit: Target

3 Cheeky Striped Disposable Plates

Set these plates out at your annual summer bash, and everyone's going to want to know where you found them. (Shh...your secret's safe with us.) 

To buy: $3.50 for 30;

Oh Joy cup with yellow straw
Credit: Target

4 Cheeky Happiness Disposable Cups

Disposable cups with lids and straws are a life saver at parties, especially when many of the guests are under ten. Not only will they cut down on the amount of time you spend cleaning up spills during the party, but these cups also look adorable.

To buy: $3.50 for 10;

Oh Joy Flower Cup
Credit: Target

5 Cheeky Disposable Cups

Without a doubt the prettiest disposable cups we've ever seen. Whether you're planning to serve flavored water or margaritas, these flower-strewn cups make any drink taste a little more festive.

To buy: $3.50 for 20;