With this tip, your guests won't want to leave. 
Champagne Toast
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A New Year’s Eve soiree is the one time of year you can go the full tilt in the glitz and glam departments, with plenty of metallic streamers, crystal champagne flutes, and sparkling tableware taking over your home. But the opulent decor proves insignificant if you don’t have the proper party foods to match. According to entertaining expert and Southern hostess Danielle Rollins, food can make or break your New Year’s Eve bash.

“New Year’s Eve can be a long night of champagne popping,” she says. “Hosts should keep in mind that guests usually consume about two to three drinks an hour, so keeping them fed from the second they walk in the door will have the night going strong until the clock strikes midnight.”

Rollins notes that people often make the mistake of cutting the food budget in favor of festive decorations, which is a major no-no: “Friends will not remember the flower arrangements as much as they will a night filled with flowing conversation, food, and drink.”

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If you opt for a self-serve buffet, Rollins recommends making multiple of the same dish, rotating with a fresh batch once the original begins to dwindle. However, if you have caterers passing out hors d’oeuvres, stagger the selection to prevent the party from going stale—and always stick with savory items over sweets.

“Making guests feel welcome and considering their comfort is key,” Rollins says. “If you do that, they’ll always go home thinking you’re a genius party host!”