It’s just not a birthday party without these cone-shaped hats. When your guests go home, put the leftovers to good use with these clever household hacks.

By Brandi Broxson
Updated May 04, 2018

Snack Holder

Rather than dirtying a dish, pour popcorn or pretzels into the underside of a party hat. The shape makes it easy for little hands to hold while watching a movie. Also: portion control!

Boot Helper

Keep floppy rain or riding boots upright and in shape by placing a hat (point side down) in each boot opening.

Makeshift Funnel

Misplaced your plastic version? No worries—a party hat works well in a pinch. First cut off the hat's point, then place over an opening to guide dry goods like salt.

Ice Cream Cone Holder

Keep hands from getting sticky! Open up the hat so it lays flat, then trim off about an inch from the outer curved edge. Snip the chin strings, then roll the hat into a tight cone shape, securing with tape. Glue a pom-pom to the bottom to catch drips.

Smartphone Speaker

Easily amplify sound with this easy hack: Staple two party hats together, then mark the width of your phone on top of the hats with a pen, about two inches down from the top of the hat. Using scissors, cut out two small rectangles. Place your smartphone in the rectangular openings and play music.

Mini Party Piñata

For a festive party favor, fill a hat with candies and confetti. Then apply glue to the rim of the hat and place a square piece of tissue paper over the opening. Once the glue has set, trim excess paper away. Glue a piece of fringe around the edge of the hat. Encourage guests to punch through the tissue paper to free goodies.