Graduation Party Favors That’ll End Your Celebration on a High Note

Make sure it’s an affair your guests will never forget by handing out these graduation party favors at the end of the night.

When planning a big graduation party, your to-do list probably consists of planning the menu with the caterer or creating a shopping list for cooking, setting the venue and the tables with decorations, and even coming up with a playlist or games for entertainment. But one thing you don’t want to forget is the graduation party favors. Think of it as a way to send your guests off right when the party ends. It’s a thoughtful gesture to thank them for coming to the party to celebrate the graduate. Plus, it’s a fun memento that might make the party even more memorable. Don’t know where to start? Take a look at our roundup of graduation party favor ideas you can make yourself. And don’t worry about your crafting skills, we have ones as easy as confetti cones that just need to be printed out, to more time intensive projects like a gumball mortarboards or champagne flutes with a graduation cap.


Graduation Cap Rolo Favors

Photo by Made to Be Momma

These adorable favors are the perfect little gift to send guests off with something sweet. And because it doesn’t call for many expensive materials, you can make one for every guest without going over budget. Cut black construction paper into small squares and glue them to the top of the Rolo, then use glue to add a ribbon for the tassel. For the top of the cap, you can use a rolled up wrapper (or glue a bead or attach a sticker). If you don’t like Rolos, you could also substitute for Reese’s peanut butter cups.

Photo and idea from Made to Be Momma. Get the instructions here.


Confetti Money Poppers

Photo by Studio DIY

These are a great idea if you want to give out special favors to guests who are also fellow graduates this year—a few bucks to send them off into their bright future and a good way to congratulate them on their own achievements, too. Plus, these confetti poppers are a lot more fun and surprising than a normal card. It’s also ridiculously easy to put together, since you can buy cake push-pops online or at your local craft store. At the end of the night have all of the graduates gather and “pop” them while all the other guests cheer.

Photo and idea from Studio DIY. Get the instructions here.


Bright Future Candy Holders

Photo by Alice Hu for Evite

This clever favor celebrates the graduate’s accomplishments and will leave guests with a dose of cheer with its optimistic phrase, “Here’s to a bright future!” They’ll be excited about the graduate’s next adventure and also feel a bit inspired themselves. Note that this favor idea doesn’t involve real lightbulbs (because that would be a bit dangerous), but fake ones that you can buy online or at party stores. Fill them with colorful candies: think M&Ms, skittles, even gumballs—and maybe stick to the graduate’s school colors, too. Print out these free party tags and attach them to the light bulbs with string.

Photo and idea from Evite. Get the instructions here.


Champagne Flute Graduation Favors

Photo by Bottle Your Brand

Cheers to the graduate with a flute of… candy? This is a favor everyone can take home—even younger guests, too. With black construction paper and poster board, create the mortarboard. Use a paper fastener to attach some embroidery floss to the top to create a tassel. (You can download the template for the graduation cap here.) Take a plastic champagne flute and fill it with the candy of your choice—here it’s Smarties (probably to celebrate the graduate’s academic accomplishments), but you can fill it with anything (maybe the guest of honor’s favorite?). 

Photo and idea from Bottle Your Brand. Get the instructions here.


Favor Boxes

Photo by Carlson Craft

Turn favor boxes that you can buy at the craft store or online into a graduation cap. Since the box is already assembled, this project won’t take you too long and is great for beginner crafters. Cut a square of cardstock that’s larger than the box for the top of the mortarboard and attach it to the lid. Add the tassel with a paper fastener. You can also make stickers that say the graduate’s class year, “Congrats,” or some other celebratory phrase and stick it to the box. Fill the box with a treat of your choice—homemade cookies and brownies, or candies.

Photo and idea from Carlson Craft. Get the instructions here.


Graduation Confetti Cones

Photo by A Bubbly Life

If you’re not afraid of a little confetti getting all over your house or backyard (if that’s where you’re hosting the party), then these festive cones are the perfect way to celebrate at the end of the night. Print out the cone templates—with different phrases like “Oh the Places You’ll Go,” “Congradulations,” and a confetti design. Assemble them with double-sided tape and fill with some confetti (try metallic or school colors). At the end of the party, have guests throw confetti at the graduate for one last celebratory hurrah. It will be the perfect end to a fun gathering.

Photo and idea from A Bubbly Life. Get the instructions here.