Wine 101

Wine needn’t be expensive or intimidating―a corkscrew and a little basic knowledge are all you need to enjoy the fruit of the vine. Here, how to choose, store, and serve wine.

Cheap, Delicious Wine From the Supermarket

These easy-to-find bargain picks are best in glass.

A Guide to Wine Label Terms

Confused by some of the terms popping up on wine labels these days? Never fear—we have the key.

Instant Wine Smarts

Wine should be enjoyable, not intimidating. Here's all you need to know.

Storing Wine

How to keep your collection―no matter what size―tasting good to the last drop.

Learning More About Wine

Fun wine- and bottle-related tips and tricks.

How to Decode a Wine Label

What does all that fine print mean?

4 Surprising Wine Pairings

Master sommelier Roger Dagorn matches up wine with classic kids’ foods.


Good to Know

The Best Boxed Wines

Dare to think outside of the bottle with one of these affordable, tasty, and environmentally friendly wines.

Boxed Wine 101

Wines sold in boxes are popping up in supermarkets and liquor stores everywhere. Are they the right option for you? And more important, how do they taste?