Easy to transport and requiring no last-minute fussing in your host's kitchen, these tasty side dishes, desserts, and drinks will be welcome at any table.

Autumn Cabbage Slaw
Credit: Miha Matei


Drinks for Any Table

“Many wines are dry and tart and designed to flatter savory foods,” says Marnie Old, coauthor, with Sam Calagione, of He Said Beer, She Said Wine (DK, $25). But the Thanksgiving meal is rife with sugary dishes, like sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie, which are poor matches for dry wines. “Every bite leaves the next sip of wine tasting thin and sour, like orange juice after brushing your teeth,” says Old. Her solution: “Look for fruity wines, and avoid those with high acidity.” Old and Calagione recommend the following crowd-pleasing options.