6 Trader Joe’s Snacks You Need at Your Summer Party

Real Simple staffers share their favorite grocery picks for simple, fuss-free hosting.


Smashing S’mores

Photo by Courtesy Trader Joe's copyright 2016

For city dwellers like me, these bite-size desserts are an easy, tasty way to enjoy the chocolatey, marshmallow-y goodness of s’mores. You can eat them as they are or you can put them in the microwave for four to six seconds and have a delectable, ooey gooey treat (sans campfire). —Liz Loerke, staff editor


Trader Joe’s Giant Peruvian Inca Corn

Photo by Courtesy Trader Joe's copyright 2016

Trader Joe’s Giant Peruvian Inca Corn is the most delicious, unusual crunchy-salty snack. Similar to corn nuts, the roasted kernels make a far more interesting hors d’oeuvre than mixed nuts. They pair well with cold beer (or rosé!). —Heath Goldman, assistant food editor


Spinach & Kale Greek Yogurt Dip

Photo by Courtesy Trader Joe's copyright 2016

You can pair this dip with anything—tortilla chips, pita chips, veggies… I would honestly eat it with a spoon. It’s creamy and delicious, but knowing it’s made with Greek yogurt and kale makes me feel like I’m choosing something “healthy” to serve to guests or bring to a potluck. —Samantha Zabell, RealSimple.com associate editor


Grilled Halloumi

Photo by Courtesy Trader Joe's copyright 2016

This hearty cheese makes a great vegetarian substitute. I first had this salty, Mediterranean staple when I was in Amsterdam and was happy to see it on my local Trader Joe’s shelf when I made my way back to the states. Stick it on skewers and sprinkle with za’atar or a kick of paprika and lemon. Or opt for a sweeter side by pairing it with grilled peaches. —Liz Steelman, RealSimple.com editorial assistant


Mochi Ice Cream

Photo by Courtesy Trader Joe's copyright 2016

I found these little gems in the frozen aisle and am obsessed! The strawberry is my favorite. They are sweet, soft rice cakes, stuffed with really creamy ice cream. The exterior is so frosty cold and interestingly textured with a flour coating. When you bite into them, you get the ice cream paired with the rice cake. So good! They come with six in a pack, so they are great for serving as little bite-sized poppers at a party, and are really cold, so hold well at a summer party. —Alexa Speyer, designer


Creamy Toscano Cheese Soaked in Syrah

Photo by Courtesy Trader Joe's copyright 2016

I am loving Trader Joe’s Syrah-soaked toscano cheese. If you’re trying to do a wine and cheese night, this cheese paired perfectly with some rosé, a baguette, and some red grapes. The taste was one like I’ve never had before—it is sort of like an aged Parmesan while also having a melt-in-your-mouth quality. Slice and serve as the perfect addition to any hor d’oeuvres plate. —Madison Alcedo, RealSimple.com editorial intern