Pass the sweetener.

By Meg Josephson
Updated June 27, 2017
Jack Andersen/Getty Images

It’s the drink of the summer, they said but this season’s trending beverage may surprise you: La Croix’s coconut flavor mixed with iced coffee. Don’t worry, we were skeptical too. The carbonation of seltzer water plus the bitterness of iced coffee? Coconut coffee? We’ve seen this drink popping up around social media, so we decided to test it out ourselves.

We mixed half iced-coffee with half coconut La Croix, and gave it a good stir to ensure that one flavor wouldn’t overpower the other. We wanted a variety of candid reviews, so we hosted a mini tasting in our office. Here’s what tasters had to say:

“I used to really be into mixing espresso and seltzer in the summer, so the fizziness wasn’t anything new to me. But the coconut was such an interesting addition—you really could taste the coconut, although I think the taste was slightly bitter when I was expecting (or even wanted) something smoother. It really made me want to try it with milk, but then I just realized I could put coconut milk in my cold brew, defeating the purpose of using La Croix in the first place.” —Liz Steelman, associate editor

“I was thrown off by the combination of bubbles and the acidic taste of the coffee, personally not for me. I think someone who enjoys flavor but not the sweetness of flavored coffee would really enjoy this, it’s just the slightest hint of coconut.” —Hannah Norling, associate producer

“I’m not too sure why I tried this because I strongly dislike coconut La Croix. The mixture of this with coffee makes it even worse.” —Savannah James, fashion assistant

We saw, we tried, and we're still on the fence. For someone who likes a bitter drink, this could be the gateway to heaven. But for someone who prefers something a little sweeter or smoother, we suggest adding some sugar or creamer. Still craving some La Croix in your life? Try one of these refreshing hacks instead:

Two trends. One drink. This seltzer-tea would be the perfect beverage to pick you up and cool you down.

Let’s give this coconut La Croix another go. Pineapple juice gives the bitterness of the coconut a sweet kick.

Blueberry honey syrup, freshly squeezed lime, mint and regular La Croix makes for the perfect poolside drink. Swap out the blueberry syrup for any other fruity syrup. Elderberry, anyone?

Lime La Croix is a match made in heaven for cherry. This Instagrammer added a splash of a cherry limeade water enhancer, but feel free to add your favorite enhancer or fruit juice.