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Holiday Gift-Giving Etiquette, Explained
Gift-giving etiquette can seem a bit confusing—whether you're worried about what to give your babysitter or your hairstylist, wondering how to smooth things over when you receive an unexpected gift (and you don't have anything to give in return), or wishing you had a better sense of the best holiday gift to give someone who's hard to buy for. Fortunately, it's easy to put your best gifting foot forward. "Always gift from your recipient's perspective," says Elaine Swann, founder of Swann School of Protocol. "Look at their life, their interests, what's meaningful for them, what they might enjoy, and make your decision based on that." Still feeling stumped? We had etiquette experts weigh in on some of the most common gift-giving etiquette questions, to give you the answers to your biggest dilemmas.
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