Make your quarantine baby shower the best one yet.

By Lisa Milbrand
May 12, 2020
How to host a virtual baby shower - virtual baby shower ideas for quarantine (cupcakes)
Credit: Getty Images

Just because we can’t physically be together doesn’t mean we don’t have occasions to celebrate. The rise of the quarantine graduation is proof that life goes on, even if you’re stuck at home and social distancing during it. There are still spring activities you can take part in while staying socially distanced and healthy, and if your loved one is expecting a baby, you can still have all the fun of a baby shower without risking anyone’s health: Meet the virtual baby shower.

Putting virtual baby shower ideas into practice can be a little bit different than planning an in-person shower; your baby shower checklist certainly won’t look the same. Here’s how to make a quarantine baby shower special for the expectant mom.

Choose an easy-to-use virtual party platform for a virtual baby shower

Most people have probably already used Zoom or Houseparty to connect with their loved ones, but there’s also Facebook’s new Messenger Rooms, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, and Skype for larger groups. (Check out our complete list of video conference options.)

Send an online invite

Online invites (or evites) from services like Evite, Paperless Post, and Punchbowl make it easy for even the most technologically challenged guests to attend. Add your guest list as evite recipients and include a link they can click to join your virtual baby shower.

Share the baby registry info ASAP

With the surge in online ordering, many stores have started delaying nonessential products, which means those cute onesies and other goodies may take a few extra days to arrive at the mother-to-be’s home. Let guests know where she’s registered when you send the evites—and perhaps give them a little nudge to get the gifts there well in advance.

Consider a staggered baby shower

Rather than inviting 30 people to join the virtual baby shower at once, divide the guest list into a few different celebrations—family members at one time, friends at another—to make it easier for everyone to interact with the guest of honor. (And hey—what mom-to-be is going to turn down the opportunity to be feted more than once?)

Set a fun dress code

Everyone’s dressing for comfort these days, but you can still make it festive. “Ask everyone to wear their favorite pajama pants and dressy top as a funny detail you will all know but will never see, or declare the video call with ‘Hats off to the new mom!’ and everyone arrives on screen wearing an over-the-top hat,” Dallas designer Courtney Warren says.

And go ahead and make the mom-to-be’s wardrobe a little more special. “Send a celebration box to the mom-to-be and kick off the shower watching her unboxing it,” Warren suggests. “Include a fancy sash to wear and a flower crown. Have fun dressing her up during the shower and start the party right!”

Plan out some easy virtual baby shower games

Tried-and-true baby shower games like guessing the baby’s name, birthdate, and weight or guessing the baby bump size (and many other party games) are easy to translate to a virtual baby shower. You might also create a baby-themed trivia (either with questions about the expectant parents or celebrity moms and dads), or play Name that Tune with baby-themed songs.

You can also have guests share their best advice for the new parents on screen—and make sure to record it all for the new mom to play back after the party’s over.

Choose a festive backdrop

If you’re going with Zoom, you can have everyone use the same fun virtual backdrop to suit the party theme, whether you want to imagine you’re all feting the mom-to-be in Paris, celebrating on a beach in Maui, or having a proper tea at Downton Abbey.

Send guests a special treat

Shared experiences are key to pulling off a virtual party, so make sure everyone gets a little something sweet to celebrate. Try sending gourmet mocktails to everyone on the guest list, so they can all sip a Havana Twist from Mocktail Club or a blackberry hibiscus Bellini from Mingle. If you’d rather DIY it, drop off the ingredients and signature mocktail recipe—along with another sweet treat—at each guest’s doorstep.

Cupcakes and cookies are the easiest snacks to send along. Try sites like Wicked Good Cupcakes, Magnolia Bakery, Ma-Ka-Rohn, and Baked by Melissa to send goodies to your guests. If it’s too hard to ship to everyone, simply send a suggested snack theme and let the guests take it from there.

Plan a drive-by baby shower

If all of the guests are local, go ahead and have a parade in the mom-to-be’s honor. Deck out her front lawn with baby-themed signs and decorations, and have guests wave and drive past in their cars.

Embrace the tech glitches

Anyone who’s done a virtual happy hour has contended with internet hiccups, but you can turn it into a game. “Any time the video feed freezes, Venmo a dollar to the host, similar to throwing a dollar in the middle of the table,” Warren says. “At the end of the video, see how much you accumulated and gift it to the baby’s diaper fund.”