3 Tricks for Hosting in a Small Space

Don’t let a studio apartment stand in the way of a good time. Here are a few genius tips for making the most of your square footage.


Make All-in-One Dishes.

Photo by solarisimages/Getty Images

“I do a roasted-vegetable medley. It’s easy to combine vegetables, and this limits the number of platters on the table,” says Tamron Hall, a cohost of the Today Show.


Serve Buffet-Style.

Eating on a tiny table? Set the food on a counter or the top of a chest of drawers and let guests serve themselves there.


Stash Stuff in the Bathtub.

“It can be a temporary storage space for small furniture or things that will be underfoot when the house is full. Pull the shower curtain closed and nobody—except the truly nosy—will know,” says organizing pro Chip Cordelli. “I had friends who lived in a studio, and they would load the mattress into the shower to make room for a catering table to be brought in for a big dinner party.”