Get all the makings of a perfect celebration—without lifting a finger.
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Macaron Dessert. Colorful Macaroons Flying
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Back in the day, I prepped for parties by spending hours and hours making 12 different dishes from scratch, and designing an artful tablescape and a handmade favor for each guest. But now, I just want to look like I spent hours on party planning—even though I really just pointed and clicked for about 20 minutes to put the whole thing together.

If you want the secret to planning a perfect party fast, these food and decor delivery services are about to become your new best friends.

Order up a tablescape

Mismatched plates and dishes can be an aesthetic choice—or can just make your party feel a little haphazard. If you don't have a full china set for 12 sitting in your cabinet (or the one you have feels a little too formal for your party plan), opt to order some dinnerware instead. The bonus: You don't even have to do the dishes—you can simply wipe them down and let the rental place handle the deep clean.

Colorful Table Setting in Blue, pInk, green, and purple
Credit: Hestia Harlow

Hestia Harlow

Hestia Harlow makes it easy to find the perfect tablescape for your party by allowing you to select by occasion, then the mood you're hoping to achieve. They'll even ship party food, favors, and cocktail kits if you want to make it one stop and you're done.

P.S. They also offer fun and festive kids' party rentals to make your child's next birthday party epic. 

Social Studies

Social Studies offers artfully edited tablescapes you can rent to simplify your party planning, which feature everything from plates and glassware to candles, table linens, and other adornments. 

Credit: Table + Teaspoon

Table + Teaspoon

Table + Teaspoon's tablescapes include pretty stationery pieces like menu cards and place cards you can use to add that extra touch of wow to your dinner party.

Decide on a party menu

Obviously, you could always order takeout (usually online) from nearby restaurants through sites like DoorDash, UberEats, or the restaurant's own site. But with a few clicks, you can order something wow-worthy from places farther afield.

Goldbelly party food
Credit: Goldbelly


The go-to for gourmet eats from around the country, Goldbelly lends itself to all kinds of cool party themes.

Maybe you want to do a total New Orleans party, with goodies like gumbo, muffaletta sandwiches, king cake, and pecan pie shipped to your door. Maybe you want to finally settle the New York vs. Chicago vs. Detroit pizza debate. Or maybe you want to enjoy a smorgasbord of food from top chefs from around the country. Goldbelly can help make that happen. 

You can also do the same with desserts—order an array of different takes on s'mores, from s'mores doughnuts to massive s'mores cookies.


If you're looking for the goodies for a cheese board, iGourmet's cool assortments let you get a rainbow of intriguing cheeses, or a cheese set perfect for beer and pizza lovers in a single click. 

Credit: Williams-Sonoma


Yes, you can get all the tools you need to handcraft a meal, but did you know that Williams-Sonoma also lets you order in? Posh it up with one of its gorgeous caviar kits, or order fancy trays of stylish appetizers like brie bites, mini beef wellingtons, or upscale pigs in a blanket.

And if you're in the market for getting a full dinner ordered, it offers main courses, sides, and dessert, too.

Don't forget dessert

You can always order decadent treats from Goldbelly or Williams-Sonoma—but there are plenty of other cool places to order sweets for your guests.

Wicked Good Cupcakes

Wicked Good Cupcakes' decadent cupcake jars can be ordered in bulk for your party with an array of standard and seasonal flavors— such as blueberry-lemon, s'mores, salted caramel, and more—to please even the fussiest eaters.

Juniors Cheesecake
Credit: Juniors Cheesecake

Junior's Cheescake

The legendary NYC institution ships cheesecakes nationwide, with a variety of flavor options, from classic plain cake to cherry crumb or chocolate swirl. 

Mochidoki Mochi
Credit: Mochidoki


Ice cream mochi are easy to serve—and very easy to have shipped right to your door. Mochidoki's signature collection has 24 mochi in 12 flavors, from traditional options like matcha and red bean to caramel or vanilla chip.


Offer an array of the French favorite treats for an easy and elegant dessert. Mah-ka-rohn offers a constantly changing assortment, including options like animal cracker, toasted marshmallow, tiramisu, and key lime pie. 

Pick a signature cocktail

Don't have time to make your own flavored simple syrups—or hire a mixologist—but still want the wow-worthy signature cocktail? Cocktail kits can give you everything you need—including the pretty garnishes.

Two glasses of citrus cocktail with a orange slice garnish
Credit: Cocktail Courier

Cocktail Courier

Get everything you need for 12 servings of fun signature cocktails, like the first bloom collins or a citrus spritz, delivered right to your door. Cocktail Courier also offers mocktail kits if you'd rather go without the booze. 

Bottled cocktails from Drnxmyth like rum punch
Credit: Drnxmyth


Make it easy to offer more than one fun cocktail type with these premade cocktails from Drnxmyth in flavors like strawberry mojito, apricot rye smash, or pineapple jalapeño maragarita. (Or go for a larger set of all one flavor!) 

Cocktail in a Coupe glass with lemon garnish
Credit: Crafted Taste

Crafted Taste

Crafted Taste's kits serve up to 16 cocktails and offer a variety of takes on the same theme, like a Bee's Knee kit that includes the goodies for making Thai Basil Rickeys and Apiary Fizzes in addition to the Bee's Knee. 

Choose a cool centerpiece

If you want to really go all out, a wild floral arrangement will finish off your look—but make it even easier on yourself by choosing a florist that sends the arrangements ready to go.

H. Bloom

H. Bloom's hosting assortment features elegant floral centerpieces premade and ready to simply place on your table. 

Urban Stems Bouquet
Credit: Urban Stems

Urban Stems

These sleek and stylish arrangements feature unique flowers like anemone and ranunculus—and Urban Stems' centerpieces come premade in unique textural vases that'll add personality to your table. 

Literary Bouquet from Etsy
Credit: Literary Bouquet


Etsy has an array of artificial centerpiece options that can be kept for additional parties—like these cool paper flower arrangements from Literary Bouquet.

Add in a favor

Favors are totally unnecessary—but hey, why not send your favorite people home with a little gift? You can add it to the tablescape for a little something extra, or set up a bar at the end of the night for people to bring home a little something.

Just Candy Candy Bar
Credit: Just Candy

Just Candy

Set up a color-coordinated candy bar and let guests take home a bag of their favorites.

Just Candy lets you buy a bulk setup that color coordinates beautifully with your party. All you need are a few glass jars and some paper bags for them to grab their favorites. 

Baked By Melissa Favors
Credit: Baked By Melissa

Baked by Melissa

Baked By Melissa's bite-sized cupcakes have earned a cult following for their bold flavors. And these perfectly packaged trios would look adorable at each place setting.  

Mushroom Ornaments Party Favors
Credit: StoneHouse Crafts on Etsy


Etsy is the essential spot for tiny little things that'll make sweet take-home gifts and adorable table adornments, like these tiny felted wool mushroom ornaments from StoneHouse Crafts