6 Spectacular Summer Flower Arrangements

Pull off the prettiest of parties with these fresh floral ideas from top experts.


Perfectly Pink

Photo by Ana Schechter

“Varying tones of one color always looks elegant. This ultra-feminine mix of garden roses, peonies, sweetpea, ranunculus and more is ideal for a dinner party or even just the morning breakfast table. Cluster the flowers in the palm of your hand, cutting the stems short and tying them with a clear elastic band. I added a little bit of fern as an accent, to offset all that pink.”

—Meredith Waga Perez, floral designer and owner of Belle Fleur NY


Beachy and Natural

Photo by Konrad Bratke

“A clean, crisp centerpiece is perfect for seaside get-togethers. All you need are a variety of green succulents and clear vessels. (Square and rectangular containers have more of a contemporary look.) Add the plants, fill with white sand and rocks, and display them in the middle of the table.”

—Jung Lee, event designer and owner of Fete


Sunflowers with a Spin

Photo by L'Atelier Rouge

“Few blooms telegraph 'summer' the way sunflowers do. Lining a vase so that you don’t see the stems gives a bouquet a more polished look. I use Calathea leaves for their striped green underside, which helps the yellow pop.”

—Caroline Bailly, event designer and owner of L’Atelier Rouge


Freeform and Organic

Photo by Nicolette Owen

“This arrangement is an ode to the summer garden: lush, rambling, beautiful, and a little wild. I used garden roses, foxglove, champagne currants, poppies, flowering basil, and heuchera leaves in a terra cotta footed compote. Start with a foundation of greens (the champagne currants). Next, cluster your garden roses in groupings, with the roses facing each other and all different directions as if they are having conversations—this is the key to getting some movement and avoiding a checkerboard look. Add some height (the spire-shaped foxgloves) and let the poppies rise above as finishing wispy gestures.”

—Nicolette Owen, floral designer and owner of Nicolette Camille Floral Design


Outdoorsy Elegance

Photo by Mark's Garden

“I love mixing herbs with flowers. Here, I used coreopsis, mint, lavender, red dahlias, and explosion grass in narrow-necked bottles and mason jars. It’s so easy to do several small arrangements and group them together to form an ensemble—it’s a quick job with a minimal amount of flowers that always looks great. The trick is to limit each vessel to just one type of flower (or plant) in one color.”

—Mark Held, floral designer and owner of Mark’s Garden


Lush and Green

Photo by Cohim Beijing

“Green works with any color palette or decor scheme. Choose a big range of plants with a variety of sizes and sizes (some with round leaves and others with pointed ones, for example). Arrange them in clean, simple vases in neutrals so they don’t compete with the variety of leaf textures.”

—Matthew Robbins, event designer and owner of Matthew Robbins Design