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Engagement Party Decorations and Themes
Let the personalities of the future bride and groom guide your themes and decor.
7 Small Decorating Tricks to Get Your House Ready for Fall
The coziest season of the year is here. There are plenty of things to like about fall—crisp weather, beautiful fall foliage, and the excuse to indulge in the season's best food and drink (pumpkin everything, apple cider, and more). When summer changes to fall, everyone changes their wardrobes from shorts and bathing suits to chunky sweaters and warm scarves. So why not transform your home décor for a new season? Fall is the perfect time to experiment with different textures, thicker textiles, and a darker, dramatic palette.
How to Decorate Your Small Space for the Holidays
A small home doesn't mean you have to ditch the seasonal decor—you just have to be a little more creative with your space. Try these tips for giving your small space a holiday look.
Easy 15-Minute Centerpieces
Dress up your home with these stylish vases that take just minutes to make.
3 Ways to Decorate With Pumpkins
If you think pumpkins are only good for jack o' lanterns, think again.

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9 St. Patrick's Day Decorations and Party Supplies
Whether you have a strong Irish heritage or you're simply in need of a reason to celebrate, here are some fun decorations in just the right hue.
20 Picture-Perfect Centerpiece Ideas You Can Do in 5 Minutes
Pulling together an impressive table decoration or some centerpieces isn't as difficult as you'd think, especially with these smart (and easy) centerpiece ideas. Create one of these simple centerpieces in five minutes or less, then sit back and enjoy the party.