Easter Games for Adults That Everyone Will Want to Play

Looking for a way to amp up your gathering? Gather the grown-ups and play one of these five hopping Easter games for adults.

Easter is the first big Spring holiday for many, meaning there’s a good chance that after brunch, you and your family will head outside and enjoy the pleasant weather. But talking on the patio can get quickly get a little dull, especially without the standard Easter egg hunt the little kiddoes love. So this year, why not entice your guests with some fun assortment of Easter games for adults? Yes, they exist!

We asked our Facebook followers if their family played any Easter games that made the holiday more fun for grown ups. Almost 100 people responded with their adult-friendly Easter games and activities. Many include updating the childhood favorites with adult incentives, like beer, wine, or the opportunity of winning some cash. Others are just good, clean, competitive fun. Here, our favorite fun Easter ideas for adults.


Egg Toss

Photo by Yuji Sakai/Getty Images

Swap your Sunday best for some shabbier digs because this outdoor Easter game could get slimy. Real Simple reader Claudia Flores says the couples in her family team up to compete in an egg toss every Easter. Yes, uncooked eggs flying through the air. Each couple stands across from each other, tossing the egg back and forth. If you make the toss without cracking the raw egg, you each take 2 steps back and toss again. If the egg cracks, the couple is eliminated. It’s gooey fun that is sure to keep you entertained for multiple rounds—just remember to pick up an extra dozen or two eggs!


Find The Alcohol

Why search for eggs if you could search for alcohol? Reader Jenn Haberbush buys her adult family members each a six-pack of beer, and hides each bottle. She gives the six-pack holder (outfitted with a cheap Easter decoration like stickers or even a little girl’s bunny or flower headbands stretched around it) to each family member. The hunt goes on until they fill their holder with six craft beers. Another reader wrote that instead of beers, her family hides nip-sized liquor bottles. Good ideas all around!


Mega Easter Egg Hunt

Have a large family and don’t want to hide dozens of eggs? Take a cue from reader Alex Wilson Gildner and instead just hide one huge egg (To buy: $10 for 6; amazon.com) for each adult. Fill them with tiny liquor bottles, scratch-off lottery tickets, cash, and candy. The twist is that each family member is only allowed to get the egg with their name on it, making the hunt that more epic. “There are about 25 of us [in my family], so it’s easy to find an egg but hard to find YOUR egg,” Wilson Gildner wrote on Facebook.


Pay-to-Play Egg Hunt

Real Simple reader Terri Holland Sebastian’s family has a genius twist on the childhood favorite Easter game: A pay-to-play, winner-take-all Easter egg hunt. Talk about an easy set-up Easter game for adults! Whoever wants to participate pays a small fee to in hopes of finding the most Easter eggs. Everyone starts searching on “Go!” When all the eggs are found or when time runs out (whatever your family has decided), count them up—whoever found the most eggs wins the pool of collected money. Cha-ching!


Guess the Number of Jelly Beans

Looking for a lengthy Easter game that the whole family—adults and children—will enjoy? Becky Imler Souder recommends having every family member bring a container full of jellybeans. Each family member guesses the number of jellybeans in each container. Once all the guesses are in, sit around and call out the numbers. Whoever is closest wins the container and candy. More family members means more opportunities to win! “My family ranges from my 91 year-old parents to my five year-old grandson,” Imler Souder wrote. “Everyone loves it and it actually gets pretty competitive.”

Family not really the game playing type? You can still have some fun with these Easter basket ideas for adults that go way beyond candy.