Looking for a way to amp up your gathering? Gather the grown-ups and play one of these five hopping Easter games for adults.

By Liz Steelman
March 21, 2018
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Easter is the first big Spring holiday for many, meaning there’s a good chance that after brunch, you and your family will head outside and enjoy the pleasant weather. But talking on the patio can get quickly get a little dull, especially without the standard Easter egg hunt the little kiddoes love. So this year, why not entice your guests with some fun assortment of Easter games for adults? Yes, they exist!

We asked our Facebook followers if their family played any Easter games that made the holiday more fun for grown ups. Almost 100 people responded with their adult-friendly Easter games and activities. Many include updating the childhood favorites with adult incentives, like beer, wine, or the opportunity of winning some cash. Others are just good, clean, competitive fun. Here, our favorite fun Easter ideas for adults.

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