Make your list and check it twice.
Christmas gifts
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It’s no newsflash that the holiday season is hectic—with planning festive gatherings, getting the house ready for visitors, and of course, finding gifts for your friends and family. When you’re shopping for a big group, sometimes it can get confusing to keep track of everyone (and all of your ideas!). But there’s nothing worse than realizing you forgot someone when it’s too late to do anything about it. This year, we’re helping you to get a little more organized with these free printable shopping lists. You can keep lists for everyone in your life on one handy page.

Have a bunch of potential gift ideas for your teenager who’s always glued to her phone? Or trying to comb through the prospects for your hard-to-shop-for boyfriend, fiancé, or husband? Whether you’re shopping at the mall or boutiques, or doing everything in front of your computer screen this year, writing it all down in one place can make it a little easier to conquer.

Tracking your gift ideas is also a great way to make sure you stick to a budget: this list has designated spots to write down the price of each gift and an estimated total. Seeing it all on paper can make it a little easier to avoid going overboard.

So print this out (find the PDF here), make your lists (and check them twice), and then stash them in a safe spot so no one can peek at who’s getting what this year.

Print This Free Holiday Shopping List to Get Organized This Season

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