But there’s a catch.

By Liz Steelman
Updated October 16, 2017

Boozy advent calendars are all the rage this year. With Drinks By the Dram’s a whisky a day to Aldi’s 24 days of wine, it seems like this holiday season is bound to be exceptionally merry and bright. But for those who would prefer to display their favorite liquor rather than hiding the little bottles behind a cardboard door, there might be an option that will get your spirits up.

The Lakes Distillery in the U.K.’s Cumbria County came up with this genius new way to trim your tree with their holiday packaging of their best spirits. Available in a six-pack of 5 cl (roughly a generous shot) or a single 20 cl (6.76 ounces) bauble, each ornament comes with a screw-on top with an ornament hanging. You can choose the distillery’s whisky, gin, or vodka. Though the 20 cl ornaments are filled with the classic premium spirits, the six packs are filled with seasonal takes. For example, the vodka pack includes two baubles each of salted caramel vodka and espresso vodka—perfect for a festive take on your favorite martini. The gin six pack, too, offers winter-appropriate varieties, like The Lakes Sloe Gin, which has hints of raspberry jam, cinnamon, and orange with touches of juniper and coriander. The Lakes Damson Gin includes notes of fresh cherries, ripe plums, juniper berries, and spice.

Now here’s the bad news: unfortunately, the set isn’t yet available to ship in the U.S. right now and is only available for pre-ordering in the U.K. Though it seems like this would be an incredibly easy DIY craft, it actually ends up being more complicated than just filling an ornament with your favorite liquor. Most ornaments are not food safe, and shouldn’t be filled with alcohol you intend to drink—after 20 minutes of searching, we still couldn’t find food-safe ornaments for sale from any reputable retailer. So here’s hoping some distillery on this side of the pond decides to create this gift set by the next holiday season.