Creative Kids’ Birthday Party Ideas

Easy-to-pull-off party ideas, including fun suggestions for decorations, food, activities, and more.

Birthday Food & Fun

Good Old-Fashioned Playtime

15 ways to bring back the art of having fun (without any electronic thingamajigs).

13 Creative Hot Dog Recipes

Let’s be frank: Ketchup and mustard can get a little boring. These unexpected hot dog toppings are something to relish.

10 Kid-Friendly Snack Recipes

Your child will never break ties with string cheese. But these tasty and easy-to-make options may whet both of your appetites for something new.

Easy Holiday Desserts for Kids

Why should Halloween and Valentine's Day have all the fun? Show a few other holidays some love with these clever edible creations.

5 Party Desserts for Kids

Need a kid-pleasing party centerpiece or a whimsical sweet? Try one of these clever edible creations.

10 Easy, Kid-Friendly Pizza Recipes

Tired of the standard large with extra cheese? These unique pies (in cute individual sizes) really deliver.


Great Gift Ideas

How to Make a Birthday Banner

Five simple steps to creating party garland with serious pop.

Birthday Party Theme: Stripes

Simple and surprising ideas for pulling off a cheery celebration.

Birthday Party Theme: Magic

Throw an enchanted celebration with the right amount of fun and flair.