Drop everything and watch this adorable video of a baby experiencing Christmas decorations for the first time.

By Marisa Cohen
Updated November 13, 2017
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Baby Looking at Christmas Tree
Credit: aywan88/Getty Images

It’s so easy to get jaded about the holidays these days, with crowds fighting over Black Friday deals, Christmas-themed TV commercials airing so early, we’re still wearing shorts and flip-flops, and children begging for the latest super-expensive electronic fads. But forget about all of that for just a minute, close your eyes, and try to remember what it was like to see twinkling Christmas lights and sparkling snowflakes for the first time ever. Need help? Check out this viral video of the world’s most adorable and expressive baby getting his first glimpse of Holiday Magic.

Perhaps the greatest thing about this video is that you can’t actually see the decorations that are making baby Mick gasp and go, “Oooh,” but maybe that’s the whole point. We can only imagine what is surrounding him as his mom rolls him down the aisles of a big box store in a shopping cart—is it twinkly lights, cardboard reindeers, a mechanical Santa saying, Ho Ho Ho? Does it really matter? The cherubic blond baby is exhibiting the exact state of happiness and wonder we all wish we still had.

The next time you’re rushing through Costco or Target to grab an Instant Pot or a 36-pack of toilet paper, take a moment to stop, glance at those decorations, and experience them the way baby Mick might. We can’t think of a happier way to start the holiday season.