How to Fix Salty Gravy (Yes, It’s Possible!)

In fact, it's an easy fix. Learn the best way to make gravy taste less salty, so you can confidently serve it with your mashed potatoes and turkey on Thanksgiving.

The Best Cheesecake Recipes

Whether you’re looking for something classic or a creative variation, these creamy, dreamy cheesecakes are sure to fit the bill.

Pumpkin Swirl Cheesecake Bars

These gorgeous bars are much easier to prepare than a whole cheesecake—but just as tasty. For starters, they have a speculoos cookie crust (what cookie butter is made from), which pairs deliciously with the spiced pumpkin filling. If you have gingersnaps or graham crackers laying around, feel free to sub those in instead. To make these just the right amount of sweet, we swirled in some of the tangy original cheesecake mixture, which also creates that pretty swirl on top. Bring them to a holiday potluck, or serve them at Thanksgiving for a stress-free dessert. They'll keep in the fridge overnight, so feel free to make them a day in advance.

DIY Halloween Window Decorations That Are So Easy, It’s Scary

It's not all about your front porch—make your windows stand out with these spooky window decorations. 

Halloween Masks So Easy You’ll Be Ready in No Time

There’s no excuse for not dressing up this October. These clever, simple masks are all you need for a costume—just wear your regular clothes and you’ll be set for a festive gathering or trick-or-treating.

Crafts developed by Morgan Levine

10 Simple Sweet Potato Recipes

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10 Funny Halloween Costumes That Are Easy to Make

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Here’s Why Teal Pumpkins Are So Important (and Everywhere!)

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52 Great Hostess Gifts

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6 Halloween Party Themes for a Scary Fun Gathering

If you’re planning to host a Halloween bash this year, why not think a little outside the box? And by box, we mean the traditional orange and black color scheme, spiders and fake cobwebs on the walls, cauldrons filled with dry ice, and yards and yards of creepy cloth. Sure, the classics are always a good idea, but it doesn’t hurt to mix it up every now and then too. If you want to try something different, we asked event planners and entertaining experts for some unique ideas to wow your friends and family (and maybe even spook them a bit). If you still want to go the eerie route, try a “Cabinet of Curiosities” by displaying interesting and mysterious items (think skulls, taxidermy-inspired pieces, branches and leaves, and more) down the center of your dining or buffet table, or on the mantel. If you cringe at the sight of cobwebs, jack ‘o lanterns, and faux eyeballs, there are plenty of options for décor that aren’t of the classic Halloween variety or super scary. There’s a classic black and white color scheme for a dinner or cocktail party, for instance, that’s elegant and understated, or a rustic theme with cozy details like thick pillows and blankets for seating, and a warm neutral palette. And you don’t have to start prepping these ideas weeks ahead of time—they can easily be pulled off at home with a few projects that you can do the weekend before. Whatever you choose, it will be a party your guests won’t forget.