This Travel-Friendly Cool Mist Humidifier Banishes Dry Skin and Irritated Sinuses Wherever I Go

Hey Dewy’s Wireless Humidifier helps me keep my work spaces comfortable.

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Since I drink more water to soothe my dreadfully dry skin in the winter, I like to joke that I turn into a mermaid this time of year. And yet, I still suffer from severely dry skin and sinuses from the arid conditions in my home and outdoors. Investing in a humidifier is one of the best ways to improve the air quality in your house. I like to work from my home office, living room, and sometimes dining room, so the lack of portability in today's humidifier models wasn't cutting it for me.

I discovered the Hey Dewy Wireless Humidifier from a friend that experienced similar symptoms and swore by the device. I have very little self-control when purchasing mini-versions of anything, so I was immediately drawn to the petite gadget that would hopefully ease my troubles. I'm happy to report that it's still my go-to a year later.

Hey Dewy's countertop tool is a compact, cool mist humidifier that adds moisture to your air, which can improve allergies and congestion, soothe sinus issues, and combat dry skin. The wireless device has a 12-ounce capacity and is only 7 inches high, and weighs just half a pound when empty, so don't expect it to restore humidity in an entire room, but its sleek design makes it easy to take with you anywhere. Unlike other humidifiers, this one runs remarkably quietly due to its ultrasonic wave technology (I forget it’s even on), and it offers two mist settings for up to eight hours of battery on a single charge. Additionally, the LED feature can be used as a night light.

Hey Dewy Wireless, Rechargeable, Self-Care, Skin-Nourishing, Hydrating, Portable Cool Mist Humidifier


To buy: $54 with coupon (was $60);

Rather than purchasing a humidifier for every room, I haul this baby all over my house to keep me comfortable while I work; then keep it on my nightstand to maintain my comfort while I sleep. It even goes with me on long car rides and fits securely in my cup holder. Since I started using this portable device, my random nose bleeds have ceased, I no longer wake up with an itchy throat, and my skin has been much less flaky and tight.

Although this isn't a standard humidifier with a large capacity, I love that it's a portable solution to my winter discomfort that I can take from my desk to my car—and even tuck it into my suitcase—with little effort. It can be a great gift to elevate a coworker's cubicle while providing them relief. I have the blush color, but this model also comes in ocean blue, sleek white, and minimalist stone.

The Hey Dewy Wireless Humidifier is a powerful little device that's easy to work into your winter routine. It can banish dry skin and even make the work day more pleasant. It usually retails for $60, but right now, Amazon has a click-on-page coupon that will bring it down to $54.

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