These Best-Selling Pimple Patches Zap My Zits While I Sleep—and They’re Only $13

My secret to clear skin lies in these effective and convenient hydrocolloid stickers.

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Mighty Patch Original from Hero Cosmetics


No matter how strict I am about cleansing my face and using non-comedogenic products, it seems that there is always a pesky zit to zap. And they constantly pop up during the worst times: Right before a major event or the morning of an important meeting. The good news is that pimple patches are a painless and efficient way to draw out impurities and clear your face in no time. As a reformed pimple-popper, I love that hydrocolloid stickers still give me the visible satisfaction of degunking my pores without any scarring.

My favorite pimple patch to use over the last year has been the top-rated Original Mighty Patch from Hero Cosmetics. It is a medical-grade hydrocolloid sticker that absorbs pus and fluids from a pimple, according to the brand, and it was developed to treat surfaced pimples and whiteheads. The film also helps people like me who have a habit of picking at their face by covering the wound with a soft shield so you can go about your day (or sleep the night away). 

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To buy: $13;

To apply, Hero Cosmetics suggests cleaning the affected area, then placing the patch on top of the pimple. I give it one good swipe over to make sure it's properly adhered to my skin, but once it's there, it's not going anywhere.

Spot creams have worked pretty well for me in the past, but I wasn't happy waking up to splotchy pillowcases from my endless tossing and turning. These stickers are transparent, matte, and hassle-free—half the time, I forget I'm even wearing them. The patch can work in as little as six hours, but I prefer to use it as an overnight spot treatment. By the time I wake up, the sticker has visibly sucked out the gunk, and my zit is drastically reduced and less irritated.

And I’m not the only one impressed. Over 79,000 shoppers have given the acne spot treatment a five-star rating for quickly reducing breakouts. The Original Mighty Patch has even earned the number-one spots in Amazon's best-selling Pore Clearing Strips and Beauty & Personal Care categories. Each pack contains 36 dots and has lasted me about three months (confession: I am on my third re-purchase). Plus, the sheets are also very compact and travel-friendly; I've slid them into my makeup bag countless times to help me vanish zits on the go.

A pimple patch can help you banish annoying breakouts effectively if you're looking for an uncomplicated solution. Hero Cosmetics' Original Mighty Patch is an easy, mess-free way to treat pesky zits, and the perfect addition to your skincare kit.

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