5 New Toothpaste Flavors You’ll Be Obsessed With

Spice up your morning and nighttime routines by switching out your usual mint toothpaste for one of these tantalizing new flavors (think mojito or licorice mint) that will actually get you pumped to brush.


Curaprox Black Is White Tough Whitening Toothpaste


Instead of using abrasive ingredients or chemical bleaching to help remove stains, this lemony toothpaste uses activated carbon, which gives the formula its freaky black coloring. You might think it would leave teeth dirtier, but it does the opposite, drawing out stains and discoloration. Bonus: The paste comes with a super-soft toothbrush.

To buy: $30, curaprox.us.com.

Photo by curaprox.us.com

Marvis 7 Days of Flavor Set


Why choose a regular ol’ mint toothpaste when you can have a new flavor every day of the week? This set of seven mini toothpastes from Marvis includes classic strong mint, licorice mint, jasmine mint, ginger mint, cinnamon mint, aquatic mint, and whitening mint. Each one leaves teeth feeling clean and looking shiny, along with an added burst of an unexpected, sophisticated flavor. Plus, the mini size makes them ideal for traveling.

To buy: $36, sephora.com.

Photo by sephora.com

Hello Mojito Mint Fluoride Toothpaste


Who needs a nightcap when your toothpaste tastes just as good as a mojito? This lime and mint flavored toothpaste not only tastes delicious, but it's also good for you. You can smile knowing it’s made without triclosan (a chemical that’s been linked to detrimental health and environmental effects), preservatives, artificial sweeteners, and dyes.

To buy: $5, target.com.

Photo by target.com


Tom’s of Maine Silly Strawberry


Look in the children’s section for this delectable flavor. Made with no artificial sweeteners, preservatives, colors, or flavors, the subtle strawberry flavor is a sweet treat that's not overpowering. Share it with your kids to encourage brushing (or just keep it for yourself).

To buy: $3, jet.com.

Photo by jet.com

Buly 1803 Opiat Dentaire Toothpaste


Get more out of your daily brush with this unique formula. Made with thermal water, it’s meant to soothe throat and mouth aches while keeping teeth in tip-top shape. The mint, coriander, and cucumber flavor is light and refreshing for a super clean feel that doesn’t cause your mouth to burn or tingle.

To buy: $29, net-a-porter.com.

Photo by net-a-porter.com