This Best-Selling Weighted Blanket Feels Like Being 'Hugged on All Sides,' and It's Just $40 Right Now

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It's no secret that lying under a weighted blanket can produce some serious calming effects, which is why so many people turn to them for anxiety or sleep issues. Weighted blankets aren't your average Joe throws: They are designed with a heavy fill that, when placed on the body, can evoke a relaxing feeling. The only problem? They can be a bit pricey. But right now, you can get the YnM Weighted Blanket for 51 percent off on Amazon.

Made of a soft cotton and linen blend, the Amazon best-selling weighted blanket covers your entire body with a comfortable weight while feeling extremely nice on the skin. The naturally breathable material is also a favorite among hot sleepers who say that the blanket feels cooling and prevents them from overheating while using it. After all, weighted blankets are primarily made to relieve stress, per Medical News Today—they're not necessarily to keep you warm.


To buy: $40 (was $80);

Adult weighted blankets, like this one, are filled with tiny hypoallergenic glass beads that provide just the right amount of heft to give off a calming sensation aka deep pressure stimulation. This semi-light pressure is the reason why weighted blankets can potentially help relieve anxiety and stress and even act as a sleep aid, according to the Sleep Foundation. And yes, shoppers do confirm that it "feels like you're being hugged on all sides."

With its seven-layer design, the YnM Weighted Blanket can actually contour to the curves of your body as you lie under it. The temperature-regulating beads are sectioned off and sewn into very small, 4.7-inch by 4.7-inch pockets to provide even weight distribution and stop the beads from moving too much. You can also thank the fine stitched sewing for that as well, so you won't experience leaking.

While this can be thrown into the washing machine (and "washes well" per reviewers), shoppers love that the blanket is designed with duvet loops on the corners. This way, you can still enjoy the weighted sensation and then when it's laundry day, you can toss the duvet cover in the wash instead.

To choose the best size and weight for you, consider a heavy blanket that is about 10 percent of your body weight. For example, if you weigh 140 pounds, opt for a blanket that is about 15 pounds to get that deep pressure stimulation effect. If you're not a math wizard, just refer to the brand's size chart, however, the weight is entirely up to you. Unlike most weighted blankets, this one comes in a ton of sizes ranging from 5 to 30 pounds. It also comes in 41 different colors and patterns, too.

"I have had my blanket for three days and I have been basically sleeping in a coma-like state!" writes one Amazon shopper. "It is the soundest and best sleep I have ever had in my life. And the comforting weight on my legs and body just eases those RLS [Restless Leg Syndrome] symptoms and drifts me off to a sound sleep… This product is phenomenal to say the least!"

"I get anxiety at night and normally have a hard time sleeping," writes another. "I have been sleeping with this blanket almost every night. The nights that I haven't used it, I definitely notice a difference in how fast I fall asleep and the quality of sleep I get. It normally takes me a few hours every night to fall asleep and I have now cut that time in half with the blanket."

If you're looking for a weighted blanket that can give you the "best sleep ever," go with the YnM Weighted Blanket while it's 52 percent off right now.

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