Comforting or creepy?

By Liz Steelman
Updated January 10, 2018

Have you found it’s easier to calm down and fall asleep when you’re sharing the bed or cuddling with another person? Well, a Dutch start-up has taken that idea and transformed it into an interesting piece of sleep technology: a pillow that simulates cozying up to a loved one.

The Somnox is a smart pillow slash sleep robot that helps you fall asleep by mimicking the feel of spooning. The pillow itself rises and falls like it’s breathing. Though this might seem like an unsettling feature, it’s based on the idea that the mind subconsciously adjusts to a shared breathing rhythm when one feels it. That’s why you purportedly sleep better when you’re snuggling with your loved one—if they’re calm, and you feel their breathing rhythm, your mind will take it as your own. Aside from the expanding and contracting pillow, The Somnox also can play soothing sounds like a heartbeat or white noise, a guided meditation, lullaby, or audiobook. Of course, the pillow also has a connected app, so you can adjust its breathing patterns or upload custom noises to fit your sleep style.

Somnox had a successful Kickstarter campaign, launching in November 2017 and securing 60 percent of their funding goal in just a few hours and completing their goal in only four days. The company made its debut this week in Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show 2018 (CES), a yearly trade show where companies unveil their newest tech products and innovations for the upcoming year.

Want to get your hands on your own sleep robot? You can currently order the Somnox on Indiegogo for €499 (Or $597.83 at time of writing). You’ll get the robot, a washable sleeve, and charger for that price—a 15 percent discount off its future retail price. The company says it plans to ship orders come September 2018.