If You're a Fan of Sleeping Naked, You're in Luck: Here Are 5 Benefits of Snoozing in the Nude

Rocking your birthday suit to bed could be the best thing you do all day (or night).

At the risk of veering into TMI territory, what do you wear to bed? While some like to stick with a traditional set of pajamas or their favorite T-shirt, others prefer to bare it all and sleep naked. Sure, going to bed in the nude might have some sexier connotations, but it turns out there are plenty of other feel-good benefits to parting ways with your PJs and sleeping naked. Don't believe us? We're stripping away the layers and sharing all the perks of sleeping in the nude.

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It Helps You Stay Cool Overnight

Picture this: After clocking in eight, glorious hours of uninterrupted sleep, you wake up covered in sweat. (No, thank you.) You swapped out your heavier bedding for lightweight linen sheets and have your air conditioning on full blast. So, what gives?

Believe it or not, the problem might be your pajamas. According to Kent Smith, D-ABDSM, ASBA, former president of the American Sleeping and Breathing Academy, pajamas are often made with heavier, non-breathable fabrics. For a cooler and more pleasurable sleep, sure, you could opt for cooling PJs—but it's free and easy to simply change into your birthday suit. As Smith puts it: "Sleeping naked keeps your body from overheating during the night, [and] keeping your body cooler is conducive to better quality sleep."

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It Helps With Intimacy

Of course we can't talk about sleeping naked without discussing how it impacts your libido. (Spoiler alert: If you're looking to turn up the heat between the sheets, sleeping au naturel is a great way to do so.)

"Skin-to-skin contact increases the hormone oxytocin, which can bond couples, drawing them closer emotionally and physically," says Smith. "Lying next to your partner while naked can also increase sexual desire, leading to greater intimacy."

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It Benefits Your Health "Down There"

Libido aside, sleeping naked is actually good for both male and female sex organs. For men, Smith says that your birthday suit can actually keep sperm count intact. "Overheated testicles can lower the quality of a man's sperm, making fertilization more difficult," he explains. "Keeping the body cooler by sleeping in the nude can improve sperm count."

As for the ladies? Sleeping naked can actually decrease your chances of getting a yeast infection, which is an unpleasant fungal infection that causes irritation and itchiness in your vagina and vulva. "Sleeping naked reduces warmth and moisture between the legs, [which are the] two key risk factors for yeast infections," Smith adds. So even if your sex life needs no boosting at all, sleeping naked can help your overall sexual wellness.

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It Can Kickstart Your Metabolism

Turns out, your choice of pajamas (or lack thereof) can have effects beyond your sleep cycle. Smith reiterates that "sleeping naked makes your body cooler" and "as a result, in order to keep your temperature in an ideal place, the body speeds up its metabolism and produces more brown fat." He explains that brown fat is a type of body fat that's activated when you get cold and uses calories (basically it's used as energy) to keep your body warm. The result: a boosted metabolism, which can be a great addition to a well-balanced diet and regular exercise routine.

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It Increases Self-Love (Really!)

For anyone who hasn't yet tried sleeping naked, it can sound intimidating—whether or not you have anyone lying next to you. But while it can seem as though sleeping naked would make you more critical or self-conscious of your body, it actually does the exact opposite. Studies suggest that spending more time naked can increase your self-esteem and overall body image.

If anything, you'll become more comfortable with and in your own body—something we can all benefit from. So if you want to give yourself some TLC—and feel good in the process—we give you full permission to part ways with the pajamas, starting tonight.

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