Shoppers Swear This 'Pancake' Pillow Is the Secret to Getting Rid of Neck Pain

Especially for side sleepers. 

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Sleepgram 1 Standard/Queen Pillow Bed

We're always looking for ways to improve sleep, whether it's through following the advice of a feng shui expert, by taking the word of a professional shopper, or relying on customer reviews. The latter has led us to today's must-have sleep accessory: the "pancake" pillow.

Similar to a stack of pancakes, this type of pillow has fluffy layers to it. On the outside it looks like a typical pillow, but on the inside there are smaller inserts designed to be added in or taken out at your discretion, hence the nickname.

This kind of accessory is ideal for those who have become accustomed to waking up with soreness because their neck is never properly supported. The adjustable foam inserts promote proper alignment and stability for your body, so that you can snooze peacefully and awake energized.

Sleepgram's hypoallergenic design is so popular among sleepers that it's garnered nearly 3,500 perfect ratings. Shoppers say it's the secret to getting rid of neck pain.

"I am a side sleeper," wrote one reviewer. "Usually, I awaken with a sore neck, but this has been the first pillow in years that has helped me to awaken pain-free. I am frequently surprised to find that I have slept soundly through the night, not awakened by neck pain and the need to adjust the pillow multiple times."

We spend a third of our lives in bed, and every night is different. Think about how handy an adjustable pillow can be during all this time horizontal. Some nights you may be craving more support and stability. On those, keep each of the two inserts inside. Other nights when you're craving something less firm, simply remove one cushion. With this pillow you'll get the best of both worlds.

This might be why one shopper went so far as saying it's "the last pillow you will ever buy."

Along with the comfort features, the adjustable pillow has cooling elements, as well. The microfiber from which it's made is temperature-regulating and, according to the brand, feels like down (but costs much less).

"After sleeping on it the first night, I am so pleased," wrote another reviewer. "I no longer have excruciating neck pain when I wake up. The pillow is so fluffy and soft, but at the same time firm. I use both inserts for side sleeping support, and the loft is the right height for me."

Preferences change, and so should your pillow. Shop the adjustable design below.

Sleepgram 1 Standard/Queen Pillow Bed

To buy: $60;

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