See for yourself what all the hype is about.

By Madison Alcedo
Updated August 20, 2019
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Choosing the right type of pillow for your sleep habits can make all the difference in the quality of your shuteye. Whether you’re a side sleeper who needs more neck and back support or just love the comfiness of down pillows, finding your favorite, go-to pillow will lead to more nights of restful sleep.

Known as a pillow that will adjust to your exact needs, the MyPillow on Amazon helps you choose the correct pillow size based on a handy chart that uses T-Shirt sizing as the identifier for your correct pillow. While it may sound odd at first, thousands of reviewers have had great experiences with the brand. Here’s how it works: You look at the column for either men or women, and from there, find your shirt size. You’ll then be matched with one of four color-coded pillow options based on what you chose for your gender and shirt size:, starting with yellow (least firm fill), white (medium fill), green (firm fill), or blue (extra firm fill).

Made in Minnesota, you may have seen some of the brand’s kitschy TV commercials, but with more than 3,700 five-star reviews on Amazon, it’s clear that the pillow is actually a great option if you’re in need of an affordable upgrade. The brand claims it’s “the most comfortable pillow you’ll ever own,” and thanks to its patented interlocking fill that molds to your sleep position and keeps your neck correctly aligned all night, it just might be.

One Amazon shopper described how she felt skeptical when she was matched with firm fill, but then realized that the MyPillow chart knew what was best. “I had serious reservations about a firm pillow being comfortable but because of the fill, which are unique foam pieces. But there is plenty of 'give' when I rest my head, and my head never sinks into the pillow deeply, it stays right where it needs to be all night. I sleep better and longer, get more rest and do wake up with no neck stiffness.”

Another unique feature of the MyPillow is that when you receive it, you’re supposed to pop it in the dryer for a few minutes so that it will retain its true shape—and while some reviewers said they were nervous to try out the pillow for this reason, they soon learned that the pillow actually worked.

The MyPillow is completely machine washable and dryer-friendly, too, so you don’t have to worry about dry cleaning it. And before you decide to get a different size than the chart suggests, some shoppers said they regretted getting a larger size because it ended up being too big for their sleeping needs. To try it for yourself and see what the MyPillow hype is all about, shop the link below, or purchase a set of two.

MyPillow Classic Series


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