They’re FDA-tested to give you your best beauty rest ever.

By Samantha Peters
June 01, 2018

There’s nothing better than a good night’s rest: it helps you look your best come morning (no dark circles) and also gives you the energy of caffeine (without the crash) to power through your day. It’s no wonder people go to great lengths to achieve this magical feat, whether that means using essential oils, sleeping lotions, or shutting off screens an hour before bed. Now, thanks to revolutionary sleepwear brand Lunya, it looks like your pajamas may be the ultimate key to getting rest.

Say hello to Restore, the label’s latest line of sleepwear that promises to help “replenish you while you sleep.” Here’s how it works: According to the brand’s website, the innovative collection features Celliant minerals—a proprietary mix of minerals regulated by the FDA—which absorb and convert body heat into infrared energy. It then recycles that energy back into your body to help you sleep more comfortably, while also increasing oxygen levels to recharge your muscles after a tough workout (basically, it’s as if you plugged yourself in and woke up with 100 percent battery).

"With our Restore collection's new FDA-regulated technology, we took another exciting step in helping women improve their sleep," said Lunya's founder & CEO, Ashley Merrill. "Our goal is to enable women to wake up feeling reinvigorated and ready to take on the world."

And to make the pieces even more enticing, they’re also super comfortable and stylish. Among the selection—which retails between $48 and $168—you’ll find ultra-soft T-shirt dresses and sleek rompers you’ll want to spend an afternoon lounging in even after you’ve rolled out of bed. Head to to view the entire collection, and check out some of our favorite picks from the line below.

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