Cozy up with a pair of cotton-silk leggings that don't bunch up in the night.

By Rachel Sylvester
Updated February 04, 2020
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As someone who takes her sleep very seriously, it's no surprise that I feel strongly about owning a pair of proper pajamas. I don't mean proper in that they have to be pricey or crafted from some rare, ultra-luxe fabric. Rather, I'm talking about proper pajamas that are comfortable enough to snooze in, yet polished enough to actually look good in while doing absolutely nothing. Elevated loungewear, if you must.

If you had rifled through my dresser drawers two years ago, you likely would have found an array of faded T-shirts and torn sweats I likely borrowed from former boyfriends. Now, I consistently reach for Lunya Cozy Cotton Silk Legging ($188; during lazy nights in.

Each pair is made from a natural, lightweight knit fabric blended with thermoregulating silk that helps keep hot sleepers cool. The ribbed leggings are also slightly reminiscent of yoga pants, except they're more loosely fitted (great news for anyone who has attempted to sleep through the night in a pair of compressive workout pants). Another bonus: the wide, high-rise waistband covers your entire belly button—a detail that's an absolute must when shopping for figure-flattering loungewear.

Available in three colors, including cream canvas, pink dusk, and black onyx, the leggings maintain their shape all night long, no matter how much you toss and turn. Priced at $188 for a single pair, they're most definitely a splurge, but well worth the price tag when you consider their cost per wear.

"These leggings are it," wrote one reviewer of Lunya's sleepwear. "I love how they're fitted but not tight in the legs or waist," wrote another. "They feel like you're wearing nothing while staying warm."

In the market for an upgraded pair of PJs? Shop Lunya's Cozy Cotton Silk collection here, and rest easy knowing your days of tired-looking pajamas are behind you.