Sleep better (and keep cool) in this comfy jumpsuit from the loungewear experts at Lunya.

By Rachel Sylvester
Updated July 29, 2019
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Lunya's Cool Romper Pajamas Will Put an End to Your Night Sweats

There are two types of sleepers in this world: those who prefer to snooze sans clothing, and those who require proper pajamas come bedtime. I happen to identify with the latter category, and for someone who can nap at a moment's notice and easily clock 10+ hours of shut-eye when time permits, it's safe to say that I take my sleepwear very seriously.

Quality pajamas equate to quality sleep, and for me, plush PJs are a wardrobe essential that many view as a mere afterthought. That's not to say I demand plush pajamas that are incredibly luxe, but I am willing to spend a little more dough on an outfit I'll inevitably wear four to five (OK, 10) times before washing.

While my preference in sleepwear has shifted significantly throughout the past decade (I'm no longer lounging in faded sorority tees and worn-out leggings, for example), comfy sleep separates tend to be my go-to outfit. That all changed though, when I came across Lunya's Cool Romper ($178;

Summers in New York are no joke, and the stifling heat posed a bit of a problem for my sleep routine when my air conditioner suddenly and inconveniently stopped functioning in mid-July. After I rush ordered a new A/C unit for my now uncomfortably warm apartment, I began frantically searching for temporary solutions to beat the heat. A few clicks led me to Lunya's pajamas, where the term "cool romper" immediately caught my attention. An adult romper-slash-jumpsuit that promises to keep night sweats at bay? Sign a girl up.

I was determined to give the romper a three-night test run, but was unsurprisingly hooked after a single sleep. The one-piece style didn't ride up as a result of tossing and turning, and since it's made from a cooling cotton-blend that also keeps you dry, it's a win-win for sweaty sleepers. The design is antimicrobial too—meaning you can wear it more and wash it less—and it's available in three minimalist color options that include basic black, white, or gray. (Did I mention it has pockets?)

Basically, it's a cute yet cozy option for anyone who values a good night's sleep. That, or anyone who's hoping to give their existing bedtime wardrobe a much-needed upgrade.

"I bought it for traveling on overnight trips, but I wear the romper as loungewear and as a swimsuit coverup," wrote one reviewer. And my personal favorite: "It's the most comfortable you can be with clothes on."

If the cool romper's five-star reviews are any indication, it truly is the ultra-soft pajama set that'll change the way you look at sleepwear. I'm a fan of the brand's full-length option, but Lunya now offers a new cool short romper ($158; for sleepers who prefer to show a little leg. Try it out for yourself by shopping the romper here, and prepare for your most stylish sleep yet.