I Refuse to Sleep Without These $20 Ear Plugs That Truly Block Out All the Noise

They’ve been my saving grace for months.

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Loop Quiet Noise Reduction Earplugs
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One of my biggest priorities is getting good, restorative sleep every night. I mean, it's the goal for a lot of people, right? Sleeping so well that you actually feel refreshed and ready to start the day. But there are nights I lay restless, taunted by the noises I hear around me. I've tried sound machines and various earplugs, but none have worked to block out noise as well as the Loop Quiet Earplugs.

I'll admit, I have pretty good hearing. In fact, my mom often jokes that I have "bionic ears" because I can always hear dogs barking outside, chirping birds on my windowsill, and old pipes tapping in the walls. It's a blessing for situational awareness, but when I need some shut-eye, my ears somehow awaken, becoming my worst nightmare. But since I got the Loop earplugs months ago, they've been the only thing that seems to quiet the world around me—and now I'm never giving them up.

Loop Quiet Noise Reduction Earplugs

To buy: $20; amazon.com.

In comparison to other silicone and foam earplugs I've used, these slip right into my ears and are easy to adjust with a few twists. Once they're properly secured, I hear practically nothing—just a muffled version of the external noise thanks to its 27-decibel noise reduction rating.

Because they aren't entirely noise-canceling, I can still hear my morning alarm (I just raised the volume a few notches), and I have peace of mind knowing that if there was danger—like a fire alarm going off or someone breaking into my home—I would still hear it.

These washable earplugs come with four ear tip sizes ranging from extra-small to large, making them super customizable, which I appreciate. Tip: Just be careful not to tug at the tips when finding your size because they're a bit delicate.

And unlike other options out there, these earplugs are stylish and functional. They have an elevated appearance thanks to their matte silicone construction that's soft in-ear, which allows me to sleep on my side without any discomfort. The earplugs also have a minimalistic loop design that looks cool and eliminates any fear that they'll get stuck inside. Plus, they're available in pretty colors, like mint, pink, red, and navy blue in addition to neutrals like black and white.

Another great feature? The earplugs come with a little carrying case, so I can store them by my bedside safely and easily take them on trips. Plus, they're small, so the case keeps me from losing them.

If you're tired of waking up to outside noises you can't control, consider the Loop Quiet Earplugs that are just $20 on Amazon. One good night's sleep, and you'll know they're worth it—trust me.

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