It comes with a night light, too.

By Nina Huang
Updated January 28, 2020
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Falling asleep can be a tricky business. Everyone has their own routines and habits when trying to doze off, but for those who struggle to get enough shut-eye because they can’t fall asleep, adding some soft background noise to your sleeping environment could do the trick. These sleep noises—often referred to by the blanket term “white noise”—not only offer relaxation benefits, but also mask loud, distracting sounds like honks, barks, and yells.

If you’re ready to give this sleep hack a try with your own white noise machine, Amazon shoppers seem to love this compact option from Letsfit that allows you to choose between 14 different ‘sleep soundtracks’.

Along with three white noise, brown noise, and pink noise options, Letsfit’s machine offers sounds that imitate fans and clothes dryers, along with nature sounds and lullabies—so it can be used to soothe restless children or babies to sleep, too. To turn it on and off, simply tap the top (similar to how you’d turn off some alarm clocks). It also has volume controls and an optional timer function, so you can fall asleep to the relaxing soundtrack of your choice without the machine staying on all night. And unlike many other white noise machines, this device comes with a night light that’s installed on the bottom instead of the top, so it can provide a soft, warm light for those who need it without over-brightening the room.

With a 4.8-star rating from over 1,000 reviewers, it’s clear the machine has gained plenty of satisfied customers. One shopper said it’s “essential for a good night’s sleep.” A second wrote, “I was looking for a sound machine and night light combo for a small room that wouldn't break the bank. This fits the bill perfectly.”

Other reviewers say they love bringing it to their offices or on the road. “I travel a lot for work and it’s a perfect size to fit in my suitcase,” said one. Another added, “I am using this sound machine for work since I work in a cubed office space. It does a good job masking the voices and other various noises of fellow employees.”

The best part? Letsfit’s already-affordable white noise machine is discounted to just $17 on Amazon right now, and you can choose between two models: With or without the optional night light feature.

We all know that getting a good night’s sleep is crucial for maintaining physical and mental health, and for those looking to sleep sounder throughout the night, this affordable device might be just what you need.


To buy: $17 (was $20);