Snoring partners and noisy airplanes are no match for this genius $23 gadget.

By Jayla Andrulonis
Updated January 29, 2020
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If you’re someone who struggles to fall (and stay) asleep, you’ve probably already tried every trick in the book—from melatonin to a mattress upgrade—in an effort to get a full night of shuteye. Ready for some good news? This sleep mask with built-in Bluetooth headphones may just be the answer to your slumber struggles—and you can get it on Amazon for $23.

By fusing the features of a light-blocking eye mask with the soothing surround-sound of wireless headphones, the Joseche Sleep Mask is specially designed to help you get your snooze on. It combines two vital factors for better sleep—darkness and silence—into one convenient, comfortable essential.

Whether you typically use headphones or your phone’s speaker to listen to podcasts, music, or white noise as you drift off, tossing and turning through the night can cause tangled wires, a muffled sound, or your earbuds to get lost in a sea of blankets. This comfortable sleep mask eliminates that concern because it’s designed with its own built-in Bluetooth speaker that easily pairs with your phone, so falling asleep without distracting background noise is easier than ever.

From calling it a must-have for drowning out the sounds of a snoring partner to the perfect way to catch some much-needed rest on a noisy plane, hundreds of Amazon shoppers have given the Bluetooth-equipped eye mask a four- or five-star rating.

“It’s not an exaggeration to say that these headphones have changed my life. I have a lot of trouble sleeping, and listening to audiobooks with these headphones has done more to improve my sleep than any medication or therapy ever has,” said one reviewer. “They’re really effective, comfortable and drastically improve the quality of my sleep! I own three pairs for myself and they’re my go-to present for friends.”

What’s more, the built-in battery offers more than 9 hours of playback time so it’ll stay powered throughout the night. Sleep with it, charge it during the day, and repeat. It’s as easy as that.

“This is perfect for falling to sleep with. I was using a pillow speaker, which becomes pretty useless once you roll over, and I was also using a blindfold. This does the job of both,” another reviewer said. “It’s very easy and comfortable to sleep in and I’m definitely going to travel with this while listening to some white noise.”

If you’re ready to stop counting sheep once and for all, head to Amazon to get the “life-changing” eye mask shoppers swear by.


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