You spend (ideally) 8 hours a day on your mattress—here's how to make shopping for the right one easier. 

By Nancy Rones
Updated January 12, 2018
Woman under comforter on mattress
Credit: Burak Karademir/Getty Images

“There are many mattress options available, and what’s relaxing to you will depend on your body type, preferred sleep position, weight, whether you’re a hot or cold sleeper, health issues, and so on,” says Terry Cralle, RN, a certified clinical sleep educator in Washington, D.C. Here, her top tips for purchasing a new mattress.

When selecting a retailer, scan online reviews. Pay attention to feedback on warranties, customer service, the knowledge level of the salespeople, and ease of returning and exchanging so you can approach your purchase with confidence.

In a store, spend time lying on mattresses alongside your partner in your main sleeping positions. (The Better Sleep Council recommends spending 15 minutes on each mattress.) Consider: How easy is it to change position? How much do you feel it when one of you moves?

If you’re buying online, look for retailers that allow you to test-drive the mattress at home, and scope out their return policies in case it doesn’t work out.