Turns out, those Zzs are super important.

By Amanda Chan
September 19, 2016

Sleep is so deceptive. It’s such a simple, basic, human act—yet it’s wildly important to every aspect of our lives. Without it, our thinking gets muddled, emotions get frazzled, and mistakes are more likely. (Not to mention, it’s a vital process to our health!)

Sleep can be hard enough to figure out as adults, but it can seem an even more daunting subject when it comes to our children. How much shuteye should they be getting? Why are they having such a hard time keeping a bedtime? Can inadequate sleep affect them at school?

We took a look at the research, recommendations, and expert advice—including tips from psychologist and sleep expert Jodi Mindell, PhD, associate director of the Sleep Center at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia—to pull the covers back on what parents need to understand about their kids and teens and sleep.

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