So long, insomnia.

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We all know the familiar cycle: Daytime stressors (work, family, politics) keep you up tossing and turning at night, but as the time ticks later and later, sleep performance anxiety makes catching much-needed Zs even more unlikely. To break the pattern without taking medication, consider the potential causes. If loud neighbors are interrupting your slumber, a sound machine could be the solution. And if it’s your thoughts you can’t seem to quiet down? A guided meditation app may help. Here are five finds that are more effective than counting sheep.

Marpac Dohm Sound Machine

When a move to The City That Never Sleeps kept our articles editor, Brandi Broxson, up at night, she turned to this sound machine. When placed between her bed and the window, the machine’s gentle whirring blocked out the noise of garbage trucks and early-morning songbirds. Read her full review here, then give your rule against late-night shopping an exception (just this once).

To buy: $50;

InnoGear Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

With more than 2,000 verified positive reviews on Amazon, this essential oil diffuser is ideal for those who want to fall asleep to a soothing scent. Timed automatic shut-off lets you program this diffuser before bed so it will run just long enough for you to drift off. Studies have shown that lavender essential oil may improve sleep quality, but feel free to test out any scent that helps you relax.

To buy: $24;

Nest Learning Thermostat

There’s science behind the fact that we sleep worse in a too-hot bedroom. When we prepare to sleep, our core body temperature tends to drop slightly, and studies have shown that a cooler bedroom could help make this cooldown happen. While there are several ways to get a chill room (the blackout curtains below can help), a smart thermostat that lets you adjust the temperature on your phone from the comfort of your bed tops the list.

To buy: $248;

Headspace: Guided Meditation App

If worrying is ruining your sleep, meditation could help quiet your anxious thoughts (and science supports it). The Headspace app lets you try guided meditation for free for 10 days, and if you find your sleep improving, you can purchase monthly subscriptions.

To buy: Free to try, subscriptions from $13 per month;

Eclipse Light-Blocking Curtain

If the sun is cutting your slumber short every morning, consider investing in blackout curtains. While they aren’t known for being the most stylish window treatments, these Eclipse light-blocking curtain panels come in four colors and don’t have the all-white backing that many blackout curtains come with.

To buy: $19-28;